The Liaoning Liaohe River Mainstream Flood Control and Upgrading Project Started

Seetao 2021-12-02 11:02
  • The length of this treatment is 538 kilometers, which will improve the flood control system of the main stream of the Liaohe River
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On November 27, 2021, the preliminary construction of the Liaohe River Mainstream Flood Control and Upgrading Project in Liaoning Province officially broke ground in Dawa District, Panjin City.

Liaohe River Mainstream Flood Control Improvement Project

According to reports, the main construction tasks of the Liaohe River Mainstream Flood Control and Upgrade Project include, on the basis of the existing flood control projects, the implementation of embankment reinforcement and construction of new embankments, treatment of dangerous sections, construction of flood control traffic bridges in tributary estuary, treatment of buildings passing through the embankment, and additional necessary Management facilities, etc.

The Liaohe River Mainstream Flood Control and Improvement Project is a systematic governance project with a long battle line, large investment, and a wide range of coverage. It spans water conservancy, agriculture, forestry, road transportation, ecological environment, natural resources and other professional projects. 14 counties (districts) and 1 state-owned farm in the four cities of Tieling, Shenyang, Anshan, and Panjin. The main construction content includes the construction of 41 kilometers of new dikes, 602 kilometers of reinforcement of dikes, 159 kilometers of sand embankment treatment of 100 places, construction of 563 kilometers of roads on the top of the embankment, 265 kilometers of wave protection forest replanting, treatment of 166 buildings across the embankment, etc. The total project investment is 7.036 billion yuan.

The Liaohe River Mainstream Flood Control Improvement Project is an important backbone project of the "Liaohe River Basin Comprehensive Plan (2012-2030)" and "Liaohe River Basin Flood Control Plan". It has been included in 150 major national water conservancy projects. According to the relevant person in charge of Liaoning Water Resources Management Group Co., Ltd., the project is also the largest flood control project in Liaoning Province's history. It is a major water conservancy construction project determined by the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

As a pilot and basic project for the planning and construction of the Liaohe River National Park and the Liaoning Spatial Balanced Water Network, the project will not only eliminate the hidden dangers of the Liaohe River embankment safety, but also play a key and basic role in the comprehensive management of the Liaohe River Basin, and will accelerate It is of great practical significance to construct a regional development pattern of one circle, one belt and two districts and realize the comprehensive and all-round revitalization of Liaoning. Editor/He Yuting