XCMG QY40K5D_1 has both performance and efficiency!

Seetao 2021-12-10 15:47
  • XCMG QY40K5D_1 combines performance and efficiency to meet the diverse needs of many users
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XCMG QY40K5D_1 is full of highlights

XCMG QY40K5D_1 configuration: four-axle chassis, 45m main boom, 54m longest boom, 8.9t maximum lifting weight for 45m full extension boom; synchronously strengthened telescopic cylinders, strengthened slewing support base; upgraded large-span two-stage outriggers, 50t specifications The steel wire rope material, the 340 horsepower engine, the off-road four-axle special G-type chassis, the counterweight is increased...

Performance and efficiency

In order to ensure the safety of hoisting, QY40K5D_1 uses the industry's 50t φ18 diameter wire rope configuration, which is higher than the standard design, and reserves sufficient safety factors to ensure the product performance to the extreme; upgrade the sinking H-shaped double-section outrigger to ensure stable operation The performance has been greatly improved. Not only the lateral span of the outriggers has reached the industry’s largest 7.35m, but the lower-mounted front outriggers are designed with an anti-deformation structure, which prevents shaking and avoids "inverted eight" during operation. The long-distance hoisting stability is stronger. It seems that the hoisting of QY40K5D_1 Safe hanging friends can rest assured!

The off-road chassis that meets the requirements of Class G driving brings stronger passability, compact 2.65m vehicle width, and no front safety crossbars, cab approach angle of 20°, better passability; 251KW engine, same level The strongest power, low-speed climbing performance and high-speed transition performance are stronger, even the muddy construction site can be quickly placed in place, and the benefits will not stop!

In terms of efficiency, it is also first-class: QY40K5D_1 makes full use of the width of the vehicle through the optimized design of weight density and volume. The space under the weight is> 500mm, leaving enough space for the sleepers or other tools for lifting operations, which is convenient to use and reduce work. Preparation time.

There is also a lifting hook convenient rope threading system, no need to remove the wedge sleeve, and the rope threading time is only 18 minutes, which saves half of the time. Cooperating with XCMG's proprietary dual-pump automatic splitting and merging control technology, it can realize compounding under any working conditions, and QY40K5D_1 has higher operating efficiency when integrated!

The 40-ton crane, with 25 tons coveted at the bottom and 50-ton operating range suppressed at the top, is in the middle position and seems to be unable to become the mainstream. However, when the performance of the 40t-class machine continues to improve and it reaches the 50t boundary, it has the potential to develop into a rookie-tonne class with cross-border challenges, becoming the main force in urban renewal and medium-sized construction sites.

QY40K5D_1 absorbs and adopts the diverse needs of users, speaks with strength, and believes that it can become a gold bully for hanging friends!Editor/Ma Xue