Winning! LOVOL RG70 is launched!

Seetao 2021-12-14 10:46
  • LOVOL RG70 King Kong version of the crawler is released, LOVOL will continue to lead the development of the industry
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On December 13, 2021, the launch ceremony for the launch of the new product launch of the LOVOL family and King Kong version of the crawler was the first to be held in Donghai, Jiangsu. At the meeting, LOVOL released a number of new models and witnessed the handover ceremony of the first batch of new LOVOL crawlers, allowing the guests to experience the high-end charm of LOVOL crawlers at a close distance. Inheriting LOVOL's excellent harvest genes, the LOVOL RG70 King Kong Edition leads the LOVOL family, and strikes out with the sonorous and powerful drums of war!

As a leading enterprise in the domestic industry, LOVOL is at the forefront of the entire mechanization process of agricultural "cultivation", "planting", "management", "recovery", "storage" and "transportation". It is determined to help reduce losses and promote rural revitalization. Carry the leading flag of the "Chinese rice bowl".

"I have always used LOVOL products, mainly because of high efficiency and clean grain harvest. We make more money and growers are willing to let us harvest. It is a two-way choice. Today, I became the first batch of owners of the LOVOL RG70 King Kong version. , The Year of the Tiger is more motivated!" said a customer who ordered the machine on site.

RG70 high standard configuration

As a customized cross-region model that integrates "high efficiency, high performance, high quality, high comfort, and high security", the Lovol RG70 King Kong version unveiled this time gives full play to the potential of each module. In terms of configuration, it continues the industry leader's level, creating a "one machine with multiple functions" model without any shortcomings.

It is equipped with a 130-horsepower high-pressure common-rail engine with strong power and optional fan reversal to enhance the dust removal effect. The 56-displacement super HST has strong driving force and increases the two-speed adjustment of the header transmission, which greatly improves the harvesting efficiency.

The original "centrifugal + tubular" dual fans have good threshing and cleaning effects; the Lovol 90/Yueda 100 reinforced gearbox is reliable and durable; the gauge is 1250mm, and the minimum ground clearance is 355mm, which greatly enhances the passability.

The 9 components such as the feeding arc plate and the drum cover liner are made of military-grade high-strength steel, and the special heat treatment process effectively prolongs the service life.

The brand-new cab and console incorporate the latest ergonomic design and use a pressurized ventilation system to provide fresh air and excellent noise reduction, creating a more user-friendly, cleaner and comfortable intelligent driving space for customers.

Optional accessories for corn, millet, and sorghum, one machine with multiple functions guarantees increased profits.

Comprehensive service upgrade

In 2022, LOVOL will comprehensively upgrade its crawler service policy, and make promises in terms of time-limited service, service resource guarantee, problem handling, etc., to directly hit the pain points of the industry, and promote Weichai Lovol's service guarantee to be at the forefront!

In addition to the implementation of the "three guarantees and two-year service policy" for the core four parts and the service commitment of "response in 15 minutes, arrive on site within 2 hours, and closed loop problems within 24 hours" after customers report for repairs during the harvest season, LOVOL provides service resources and parts resources A key plan has been made. In 2022, 50 star-rated repair centers will be established in the cross-regional concentrated area, and more than 100 accessory mobile vehicles and 320 service vehicles will be invested to ensure zero blind spots in national services, serve the fields, and serve crawler machines around the clock. 24-hour service escort. At the same time, 159 temporary warehouses and 15 accessory sub-center warehouses have been established along the cross-regional line, and more than 1,100 accessory distribution points have been added. Service accessories will be delivered and delivered within a limited time to ensure the supply of accessories in all aspects.

High-quality products and considerate service will be LOVOL's best response to customer trust, and it will also be the inexhaustible driving force for LOVOL to continue to lead the development of the industry. We also expect that LOVOL can create more changes and subversions, and the engine industry collectively faces high-end intelligent transformation and upgrading, so that China's intelligent manufacturing can go to the world. Editor/Ma Xue