SDLG E6150F excavator with high efficiency and low consumption

Seetao 2021-12-14 11:26
  • SDLG E6150F excavator is a cost-effective product that integrates energy saving, reliability and comfort
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Urbanization and rural revitalization, one is the general trend, the other is the policy goal, and the two energies are finally brought together at one point, which brings a lot of business opportunities to construction machinery practitioners, especially small and medium digging operators. At this time, an excavator with excellent performance, high efficiency and low consumption will definitely help you dig for gold and silver.

High efficiency and low consumption

The SDLG E6150F excavator has a rated power of 80kW and a standard 0.6m³ bucket. It can also be equipped with a variety of functional accessories such as breakers, wood clamps, hydraulic shears, etc., which can fully meet the needs of various working conditions in urban and new rural construction .

In terms of power, it is equipped with a low-speed and high-torque engine with supercharged and intercooled, which meets the "National III" emission standards. At the same time, it adopts carefully tuned EMS engine management technology, which can achieve the optimal matching of fuel consumption and efficiency, with strong power, economic and environmental protection, and high reliability. The gear has four modes, which can be selected according to different working conditions to achieve fuel-saving effect. In terms of heat dissipation, the use of an enlarged area radiator and a large-diameter fan greatly improves the heat dissipation performance of the whole machine and improves the adaptability of the whole machine in a high-temperature environment.

E6150F uses a dual-pump constant power hydraulic system with reliable and stable performance. It is tuned on the same platform as Volvo, and the control is comfortable and precise. The hydraulic system is automatically controlled by sensors and has functions such as regeneration and priority. The operation response is more flexible, which can reach the prohibition of order and action, the compound action response is fast, the production efficiency is high, the excavation ability is strong, and the energy saving can reach more than 5%.

E6150F is equipped with an electronic control system with Lingong's proprietary technology, which has the functions of self-checking, monitoring, emergency fault alarm, GPS positioning and remote monitoring, with good human-computer interaction and convenient operation and maintenance.

The X-shaped lower frame with a widened chassis and the E6150F with a reinforced upper frame are adopted, and the stability of the whole machine is higher. Its walking system is driven by a two-speed self-switching walking motor, which has a large traction force and can move forward and backward freely in various construction environments. Both walking and slewing brakes are wet brakes, with stable braking and high reliability.

Comfortable and durable

SDLG has always paid great attention to the comfort of the excavator cab, providing users with a larger space, better sealing and sound insulation effect, anti-rolling, anti-falling object cab, and equipped with three-sided sunshade nets indoors, which is considerate.

The cab uses silicone oil rubber shock absorbers to reduce vibration and impact. It is also equipped with high-end damping seats and automatic air-conditioning with dual-stage air filtration, providing a comfortable driving environment, causing many lumbar muscle strains and lumbar disc protrusions The troubled digger is a little more comfortable.

The operation buttons are set centrally, and the operation is simple and convenient. The interior design of the cab of the E6150F excavator is full of technological sense.

The E6150F working device and chassis are all strengthened, and the key parts such as the arm connection and the shaft seat are strengthened. The whole machine is reliable, strong and stable.

The E6150F bucket uses a horizontal pin five-tooth structure, and is equipped with two sets of side blades on both sides of the bucket. Wear plates are added to the outside and bottom of the bucket to effectively extend the service life of the bucket.

Such a comfortable, sturdy and durable machine is sure to be praised by everyone! Editor/Ma Xue