The tomb of Jiangcun in Xi'an is the tomb of Emperor Wen of Han
Seetao 2021-12-15 15:23
  • The Phoenix Mouth is just a natural loess beam, and the newly discovered Jiangcun Tomb is the real Emperor Wen Ba tomb
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On the morning of December 14, 2021, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage held an online meeting in Beijing to announce that the Jiangcun Tomb of Bailuyuan in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province was the tomb of the Han Wen Emperor Liu Heng in the early Western Han Dynasty.

It is understood that the tomb of Jiangcun Grand Tomb is in the shape of a sub-shaped tomb. The side of the tomb is about 72 meters long. More than 110 outer storage pits are found around the tomb. There are cemetery facilities around the outer storage pit. It is speculated that it may be an independent emperor's cemetery. Remains of the wall of the cemetery were found outside the tomb of Jiangcun Mausoleum and Queen Dou’s Mausoleum. More than 1,500 pieces of pottery figurines, bronze seals, bronze carts and horses, ironware, and pottery have been excavated from 8 outer storage pits. The bronze seals include Chefu, Qifu, Zhongqi Qianren, Fu Yin, Cang Yin, Zhongsi Kongyin, etc., indicated that the outer storage pits around the Jiangcun Tomb should be built to imitate the actual government offices and treasury. The shape and scale of the Jiangcun Tomb are in line with the highest-level tomb specifications of the Western Han Dynasty. In addition, the surrounding area is the Tomb of Empress Dou and the Mausoleum of Empress Dowager Bo. Experts have confirmed that the tomb of Jiangcun is the Ba tomb of Emperor Wenwen of the Han Dynasty.

The confirmation of the location of the Ba tomb solved the name problem of the eleven imperial tombs of the Western Han Dynasty. The structural layout of the double cemetery, the imperial tombs in the center and the outer hidden pits showed obvious differences from the Changling Mausoleum of the Han Gaozu and the Han Huidi’an Mausoleum. , Laid the foundation for the tomb system of the emperors in the middle and late Western Han Dynasty, and is of great significance for the in-depth study of the system of the emperors tombs in ancient China. Editor/He Yuting

Long view of excavation site No. 1 of Jiangcun Grand Tomb

Criminal figurines unearthed from Jiangcun Tomb K27

Archaeological experts are conducting archaeological excavations in the Jiangcun Tomb

Part of the painted pottery figurines unearthed from Jiangcun Great Tomb K15

Copper gears and copper components unearthed from K27 of Jiangcun Grand Tomb

The phoenix mouth of Hanwen Emperor Baling

Unearthed Situation of K32 Horse Bone in Jiangcun Grand Tomb

Three-dimensional front view image of Jiangcun Tomb K27


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