Zoomlion ZAT5000H763 went to Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo reconstruction project

Seetao 2021-12-15 17:42
  • Zoomlion ZAT5000H763 participated in the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo reconstruction project to improve the efficiency of the transfer
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The middle section of the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Reconstruction Project runs along the original Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo route from east to west, starting at the south bank of the Qiantang River and ending at Xiaoshan Gaoxin 8th Road. As an important transportation infrastructure project supporting the Asian Games, the project is of great significance to the promotion of the construction of the Zhejiang Dawan District and the metropolitan area, and the promotion of the urban development of Hangzhou.

Powerful performance

There are a total of 12 steel beams for the TJ01 standard main line in the middle section of the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Reconstruction Project, with a total of more than 21,137 tons. The rail steel beams of the public rail joint construction section are large in size and heavy, so there are extremely high requirements for transportation and installation equipment.

According to the characteristics of the project site, Zhejiang Hercules Road & Bridge Construction Co., Ltd. sent Zoomlion ZAT5000H763 to take charge of the hoisting work of the viaduct slab. A unique "black warrior" at the scene is like a spear with a sheath, and Qing drew a magnificent blueprint highlighting contemporary Chinese construction machinery. It can be said that it is full of solid armor and famous songs, all over the elite composing hymns.

The hoisting of large viaducts has never been done alone. Behind the lifting, installation and splicing of the bridge slabs of the viaducts, there are not only high-precision interpretations of various erecting machines, but also the strong cooperation of all-terrain cranes.

At the construction site, ZAT5000H763 staged a wonderful mechanical show with a series of operations such as hoisting, transportation, and transfer. The operator and the machine are closely connected, and the hoisting and installation are seamlessly connected. The perfect operation benefits from the comprehensively upgraded control performance of ZAT5000H763. The control room is equipped with a vertical 12-inch 2-in-1 high-resolution LCD touch screen, which integrates all functions, has a better observation angle, and has a great control experience without reflective highlights.

with full force

Throughout the domestic large-scale viaduct hoisting site, Zoomlion ZAT5000H763 can definitely be regarded as the "ceiling" of the bridge hoisting industry! The "5+2" double-arm working mode is suitable for different operating conditions; 5 sections of 62.5m main boom, 7 sections of 85m main boom, and both short-boom lifting weight, long-boom lifting advantage, high lifting, operating radius can be Reach 78 meters. The actual operating lifting moment reaches 1,600 tons, which can meet the requirements of 130-ton bridges and 140-ton shields alone, which greatly saves transportation costs and improves transfer efficiency.

The main boom of the whole machine adopts telescopic multi-combination technology, the path of the single-cylinder pin-type telescopic boom is optimized, and the optimal telescopic sequence can be automatically selected; the quick-release boom working pin, 5/7 section combination quick switch; two main boom operating conditions Comprehensive development, all kinds of working conditions are easy to come by. "This machine is very cost-effective, and the lifting efficiency is also very strong. In short, we are very satisfied with its performance." Customers are full of praise for the performance of the equipment.

After the completion of the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo reconstruction project, it will become an important distribution channel for the Asian Games Village. While the urban road network is smoothly connected, it will connect the airport, Qianjiang New Town, the East Station Hub and the West Railway Station in series, providing a strong guarantee for the eastward expansion of Hangzhou.

Worship but ambition, industry wide but diligence. In China's magnificent urban construction process, Zoomlion cranes are ubiquitous. With its outstanding performance in the lifting field, Zoomlion has become an indispensable and strong guarantee for urban infrastructure projects across the country. Editor/Ma Xue