5 billion! China First Metallurgical Group wins Tianjin logistics center project

Seetao 2021-12-17 10:39
  • The completion of the project will accelerate the construction of the project and further expand the scale of land ports
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On December 15, 2021, the China Public Service Platform for Bidding and Bidding announced the winning results of the EPC project for the development and construction of the North Ring International Logistics Center in Beichen District, Tianjin.

Project Overview

Beichen District Lugang Dabeihuan International Logistics Center development and construction project, the scope of cooperation and development of the project is within the planned railway station land of Tianjin Lugang Logistics Equipment Industrial Park, east to Lugang Wujing Road, west to Lugang Erwei Road, north To Lugang Sijing Road, to Lugang Sanjing Road and Lugang Bawei Road in the south, the total area is about 2800 acres, of which the first type of industrial land (compatible with the first type of logistics storage land) is about 1890 acres, and the other land is about 910 Mu (including secondary branch roads, social parking lots, protective green space, drainage, etc.), the specifics are subject to the final adjustment of the control regulations. This project is mainly for the industrial investment part (including the construction of supporting infrastructure and industrial facilities, etc.). The estimated total static investment of this project is about 5.22 billion yuan.

Winning bid result

See Dao.com to congratulate China First Metallurgical Group for the project of Tianjin Beichen District Land Port Dabeihuan International Logistics Center. Editor/Sang Xiaomei