The second Belt and Road Green Finance and Environment Seminar was held

Seetao 2021-12-30 10:10
  • The meeting shared new policies and new situations in the fields of carbon neutrality, energy transition and biodiversity protection
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11 Minutes

December 21-22, 2021, the second phase of the Belt and Road Green Finance and Environment jointly organized by the Belt and Road International Alliance for Green Development (Green Alliance), the Beijing Institute of Green Finance and Sustainable Development and the Kleins European Environmental Protection Association Management seminars are held online. Solheim, Chairman of the Green Alliance Advisory Committee and Senior Advisor of the World Resources Institute, Guo Jing, Dean of the International Institute of Green Development for the Belt and Road Initiative, Gao Rui, Financial and Professional Services Counselor of the British Embassy in China, Member of the Green Alliance Advisory Committee, China Ma Jun, Director of the Green Finance Professional Committee of the Society of Finance, Dean of the Beijing Institute of Green Finance and Sustainable Development, Li Yonghong, Deputy Director of the Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Zhang Xiang, Secretary-General of the China International Contractors Association, Cline European Environmental Protection Association Long Di, the chief representative of the Beijing representative office, attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

From the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Ministry of Finance, the Government and Social Capital Cooperation Center, the Hydropower and Water Conservancy Planning and Design Institute and other relevant domestic departments, China Development Bank, the Export-Import Bank of China, China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation, China International Finance Corporation, Silk Road Fund , Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Jiangsu and other financial institutions, United Nations Development Program, United Nations Environment Programme and other United Nations agencies, Fudan University, Tsinghua University, University of International Business and Economics and other research institutions, Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan A total of more than 60 representatives from the relevant institutions of countries that jointly built the Belt and Road Initiative, including the Mongolian Sustainable Finance Association, and companies participating in the Belt and Road foreign investment and financing participated in the meeting.

The meeting shared new policies and new situations in the fields of carbon neutrality, energy transition and biodiversity protection, discussed the opportunities and challenges faced by green finance, and discussed the policy needs of financial institutions to promote green investment and financing, and the energy and low-carbon transformation of the Belt and Road Initiative. , Green Financial Tools, Green Development Guidelines for One Belt and One Road Projects, and One Belt and One Road green investment principles for synergy and efficiency.

Solheim said in his speech that the current global response to climate change is ushering in a key opportunity. It is necessary to give full play to the joint efforts of relevant national departments, financial institutions and enterprises to continue to promote the construction of the Green Silk Road and green finance for developing countries. Low-carbon transformation provides momentum.

Guo Jing suggested to promote the synergy of platform mechanisms such as the Green Alliance, the Belt and Road Green Investment Principles, and the Global Development Initiative, improve the Belt and Road green development policy system, and jointly support foreign investment in green and low-carbon development.

Gao Rui said that the seminar will help financial institutions improve the climate management capabilities of foreign investment and financing projects. He looks forward to in-depth cooperation between China and the UK in such areas as green financial standards and climate investment and financing, and jointly move towards a zero-carbon development path. Keywords: One Belt One Road, One Belt One Road News, One Belt One Road Project

Jun Ma pointed out that building consistent sustainable financial standards and managing ecological environment and climate risks has become the consensus of governments and investors around the world. He suggested that attention should be paid to how financial tools respond to challenges such as the transformation risks of high-carbon industries, and promote the green development of the Belt and Road Initiative. In addition, the participants conducted exchanges and discussions on green finance and environmental management of overseas projects. Representatives of nearly ten financial institutions discussed the concerns and policy needs of the Belt and Road green investment and financing from an industry perspective.Editor/XuNing