The Xiamen New Airport Project is in full swing

Seetao 2022-01-04 11:09
  • A total of 8 major projects in Xiamen’s new airport area have been intensively started, with a total investment of over 62 billion yuan
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On the morning of January 4, 2022, the Xiamen new airport project on Dadeng Island, Xiang'an District, Xiamen City, started construction. This time, a total of 8 projects in the Xiamen New Airport area have been intensively started, with a total investment of over 62 billion yuan, covering three major categories: aviation industry, infrastructure and social undertakings.

Among them, the current phase of the Xiamen New Airport project will build a main terminal with an area of 550,000 square meters, a 196-seat apron, and 2 long-distance runways. Among them, the North 1 runway will be constructed according to the highest standard of the flight zone 4F, with a length of 3800. Meters, it can meet the take-off and landing requirements of civil Airbus A380, Boeing 747 and other large aircrafts. At the same time, it will build a comprehensive transportation center of 80,000 square meters, a parking building of 180,000 square meters, and supporting projects such as air traffic control, aviation fuel, and airline bases. , Plans to invest more than 53 billion yuan.

As a rare island-type airport in the world, Xiamen New Airport is an important international airport, a regional hub airport, and a cross-strait exchange gateway airport approved by the state. An important measure to jointly build the Belt and Road Initiative. With the full commencement of the new airport project, it will further promote the implementation of the cross-island development strategy in Xiamen, promote the construction of a high-quality and high-value modern international city at a higher level, and help better serve the overall development of the whole province. Editor/He Yuting