The whole line of the railway around the Tarim Basin is seamless

Seetao 2022-01-11 15:41
  • This means that the Southern Xinjiang Railway has entered the era of seamless lines as a whole, and the travel experience will be better
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On January 7, 2022, with the successful completion of the nearly 40-kilometer line upgrade project from Aksu to Satma Station on the Southern Xinjiang Railway, this means that the 2,714.415-kilometer line of the Xinjiang-Tarim Basin Railway Ring Line has all been seamlessly connected.

In 2011, passenger trains of Kashi (Shi) and (Tian) railways opened, making Hotan no longer far away; in 2015, the opening and operation of the second line of Tu (Lupan)-Ku (Erle) line marked the beginning of the electrification era of southern Xinjiang railway; 2020 , The Gom (Ermu)-Ku (Erle) railway line runs through and forms the third major railway channel in and out of Xinjiang. On September 27, 2021, the track laying of the He (Tian) Ruo (Qiang) Railway was completed, adding the last link to the railway ring around the Tarim Basin. So far, the railway loop around the Tarim Basin has been formally formed, which is another railway loop in Xinjiang after the formation of the northern Xinjiang railway loop.

In recent years, Xinjiang Railway has closely focused on the mission goal of "linking within Xinjiang, speeding in and out of Xinjiang", and has shortened the travel time of people in southern Xinjiang through continuous upgrading and reconstruction of the southern Xinjiang railway. From Urumqi to Kashgar, the fastest time is 14 hours and 24 minutes. , Urumqi to Hotan to achieve one day. The freight volume has increased significantly, and the economic belt along the railway line has developed rapidly.

In the past, railway track laying mostly used 25-meter-long steel rails, which were connected together with nuts, leaving a 1-centimeter-wide gap in the middle, which was convenient for rail transportation and also solved the problem of thermal expansion and contraction.

The seamless line has the advantages of reducing the running resistance of the train, reducing the vibration and noise of the train, and greatly improving the stability of the train. Geku Railway and Heruo Railway have been seamless.

Due to the early construction period of the Southern Xinjiang Railway, some lines are still 25 meters of steel rails. When the train runs through the joint between the rails, there will be a "banging, banging" sound, which not only increases the friction between the wheels and the rails, but also affects the comfort of passengers.

Since 2019, the Xinjiang Railway Department has vigorously carried out the upgrading and reconstruction project of the railway line infrastructure in southern Xinjiang. Sewing line modification.

Qin Zhong, deputy section chief of the Line Section of the Public Works Department of China Railway Urumqi Bureau Group Co., Ltd., said that in the past three years, construction has been carried out mainly in the spring and autumn when the rail temperature is suitable. A total of 160,000 manpower and more than 9,000 large-scale machinery have been invested, and the construction time of skylights has reached 1,350. Hours, a total of 893.9 kilometers of lines were replaced, and a comprehensive upgrade was implemented for the Kuaqa section of the Southern Xinjiang Railway. Editor/He Yuting