Xing Yiqiang: We use instant speed to build China's industrial national brand

Seetao 2022-01-13 10:59
  • Shunda has the strength to dedicate its own high-performance and high-quality equipment to the country's mining resources
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The old industrial base in Northeast China was once the cradle of new China's industry, and made historic and significant contributions to the establishment of an independent and complete industrial system and the construction of the national economic system. Once upon a time, China's economic center was in the northeast, and China's talent advantage was also in the northeast. It is against the background of such a great era that Shunda peeked into the heavy mining construction machinery industry in early 1988. With the successful application of the 1200 standard cone crusher in Nansha, Guangzhou, Shunda officially entered the field of mining construction machinery.

When it comes to the topic of the Northeast, Mr. Xing has quite a feeling: "In recent years, due to the relatively weak economic growth in the Northeast, many people think that the Northeast is a backward barbarian land. But in fact, there are many people in the Northeast like Shun Industrial equipment companies with independent technologies like Da are supporting the development of China's infrastructure. Taking Shunda as an example, in the past 30 years, we have completed the transformation from manufacturing to creation, relying on our own design research institutes, experimental platforms and corporate universities, etc. Multiple systems jointly ensure the technical stability and reliability of products and equipment."

Relying on the old industrial base, Shunda has continued to reserve talents in the fields of mine process design, mechanical design and manufacturing, and electronic automation. Mr. Xing said: "Shunda has now connected with many well-known universities in Northeast China to achieve targeted delivery and training of talents. At the same time, we have also cultivated a group of very experienced professional and technical personnel on site. Process parameters are recalculated and modified to bring customers the most efficient energy management and production efficiency management. In recent years, we have continuously increased R&D investment in mechanical equipment and technological processes, constantly summed up experience, and mastered a large number of metals The data of the ore and sand crushing test. With the help of big data, we can match the best production process to our customers.”

If a person makes full use of his talents, he will do everything, and if he has everything, he will not be rich and powerful enough to seek. Mr. Xing said that talents are the inexhaustible driving force for Shunda to achieve product innovation and stability. This is also in line with Shunda's corporate culture of "creation comes from stability". The technical accumulation in the past 30 years has allowed us to be honored to participate in the construction of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway. Now, the economic model of large infrastructure and dual circulation has put forward higher requirements on our talents. Standing at a new historical starting point, we will embark on a higher road of self-innovation and support China's infrastructure construction on the black soil of the Northeast.

Shunda Heavy Mining Group participates in the Sichuan-Tibet railway construction project

"Market" and "customer demand" are words that Mr. Xing often mentions. He said that in the nearly 30 years of development of Shunda, the two core points are: one is to always stand at the front of the market and look to the future; Customers provide stable products and better service. So we have seen such an enterprise: after 30 years of tempering in the market, it still injects impetus into its own development with breakthroughs little by little, and the vitality of the enterprise is shining brightly because of this.

Keep your feet on the ground and look up at the stars. For Shunda's current products and future plans, Mr. Xing also has a thorough analysis and a clear plan.

Mr. Xing said: "Now the development focus of the sand and gravel aggregate industry is mainly the combination of high quality and green development. The traditional dry sand making process has a small sand yield, is seriously affected by the weather, and has a small proportion of sand in the product, and the gradation continuity is poor. , The mud treatment is not clean. In order to achieve a win-win situation for the development of the industry and environmental protection, Shunda pioneered the wet sand making process in the industry, which can effectively avoid the pollution of dust to the environment during the production process, with less air pollution, clean sand surface, rounded appearance, After the water is filtered, it is high-quality manufactured sand. Its basic production capacity at the application site can reach 800 tons/hour. At present, the market share of this process has exceeded 90%. "Gucheng Mining, which adopts the Shunda wet sand making process, its mechanism The sand production line has been identified as the "superior grade production line in the Guangdong market", and it is also the largest and most advanced machine-made sand processing line in the domestic stand-alone series.

Gucheng Mining Wet Sand Making Process Site Map

The river is full of blue, and a hundred gallops compete for the flow. Opportunities in the market have always been reserved for companies that are willing to settle and study. If you want to occupy a place in the market, you must guard against arrogance and rashness and keep breaking through. When it comes to future products, Mr. Xing said that in the future, Shunda will continue to follow its own path of innovation, use the brand effect and service effect to drive the improvement of the entire product line, create a national enterprise like Huawei, and realize the dream of China's industrial power. From China to the world.

In the machinery and equipment industry, it is rare for users to give equipment a "nickname". Mr. Xing revealed to us that Shunda's products have another name - "Shunda Series". Mr. Xing said: "In the years of development, many customers have grown up with Shunda. Their equipment has always been inseparable from 'Shunda series products'. From jaw crushers to cone crushers to hydraulic From the gyratory crusher to the recent wet sand making machine, our customers say that Shunda's products are stable (not bad) and have large output. It is no exaggeration to say that as the leader of the enterprise, this is what I have heard about Shunda. The best affirmation."

The upsurge of new infrastructure has detonated the attention of all sectors of society to the sand and gravel mining industry. Mr. Xing said that based on the national policy orientation and the changes in the demand for sand and gravel aggregates in the infrastructure market, in the face of the increasingly competitive sand and gravel aggregate industry, simple equipment manufacturing has been unable to form core competitiveness, and now it has entered equipment performance, The stage of three-dimensional competition of customer service and management means. The future must be the era of service and operation.

At present, the era of traditional equipment manufacturing is changing to the era of service and operation. In order to stand out in this new period of change, first of all, we need to change our thinking and find a new market foothold. Shunda's foothold is to ensure equipment quality while improving the scope of services, to achieve equipment stability and two-way upgrade of personalized operations. .

Mr. Xing said: "When a customer finds us, we will inspect the customer's site before purchasing the equipment, and formulate a project production line suitable for the customer according to the customer's needs. After the plan is determined, we will cooperate with the whole industry chain to produce, and the factory will start to exercise." "Shunda Speed", guarantees that the equipment will be delivered to the customer's site within 2 months and put into use. At the same time, we will provide customers with instantaneous and efficient 'butler service' - solutions within 2 hours, emergency response services within 24 hours, And rushed to the scene as quickly as possible to assist customers in handling and solving problems.”

Different from traditional EPC projects, Shunda has derived M (Manufaction) + 0 (Operation) services on the original basis, relying on the existing production capacity of the whole supply chain, through the product monitoring of the whole life cycle and the ability of general contract management and operation , multi-dimensional realization of "turnkey project". Mr. Xing emphasized that Shunda has always strengthened the investment of service resources and consolidated service process management. Hope to hear the title of "Shunda Service" from customers in the near future.

In the eyes of everyone, China's crusher market has undoubtedly become a "Red Sea". But in such a "Red Sea", one of Shunda's products has a market share of 85%, which can be said to be a breakthrough in the "Red Sea". This is Shunda's "fist" product - hydraulic gyratory crusher. Mr. Xing introduced: "Hydraulic gyratory crusher has small crushing wall wear, high operating rate, production capacity is 3 to 4 times that of jaw crusher, and production cost is saved by 1 to 5 yuan/ton compared with jaw crusher. It is the first choice for coarse crushing of various hard materials in large and medium-sized mines and other industries.

"Fist" product of Shunda Heavy Mining Group - Hydraulic Gyratory Crusher

Mr. Xing said: "In China, foreign-funded enterprises in all walks of life rely on technology and brand advantages to monopolize technology and exploit the market. The mining equipment industry is no exception. To break this monopoly is that we, Shunda, continue to develop and break through the monopoly of foreign equipment. It is Shunda's responsibility and obligation to make the national brand bigger and stronger. There is a saying in the Northeast, "No diamonds, no porcelain." We Shunda have the strength to achieve the highest production capacity with higher cost performance, and serve the country The mine resources are dedicated to their high-performance and high-quality equipment.”Editor/Ma Xue