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19.48 billion! Tender for the first phase of Qingdao Metro Line 15

Seetao 2022-01-18 10:32
  • Metro Line 15 is positioned as a backbone line with large capacity, connecting the east bank and north bank of the entire city into one
  • Provide convenient and efficient transportation connections between key functional areas, comprehensive transportation hubs and residential areas along the line
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On January 17, 2022, Shandong Provincial Public Resources Trading Network released the pre-qualification announcement for the civil construction of the first phase of Qingdao Metro Line 15. The industry rail transit, the tenderer Qingdao Metro Group Co., Ltd., has a total investment of 19.48 billion yuan.

Project Overview

The first phase of Qingdao Metro Line 15 starts from Xiawangbu Station and ends at Sifangchang Station. The main line of the line is about 31.5km long, and the entry and exit lines are 1.6km. The line mainly follows Jinshui Road, Heilongjiang Road, Fumin Road and Jingcheng. Road, Qiuyang Road, Shuoyang Road, and Zhongche Avenue (G204) are all laid underground, with 17 stations with an average distance of about 1.9km, and one Jihongtan depot.

Bidding content

All civil works within the scope of the first phase of Qingdao Metro Line 15 (including the reserved works within this scope and implemented at the same time as Line 15), including but not limited to: the main body of stations and sections, civil air defense structures, and auxiliary works of civil works, civil works Pre-buried, reserved, etc. as required in the construction drawings and documents; civil works of the isolation station for external power supply projects; all temporary land, three connections and one leveling, construction survey, construction access roads, TBM and shield power introduction in other construction projects , construction (structure) protection and reinforcement of buildings and facilities, municipal supporting pipe network construction; pipeline relocation (including but not limited to rainwater and sewage pipelines, communication pipelines, power pipelines, heating pipelines, gas pipelines, water pipelines, traffic flow adjustment and road restoration, etc.); preliminary works such as greening and relocation designated by the tenderee (except for the implementation by the tenderee). See Bill of Quantities for details.

Tender division

Section 1 is 15.3 kilometers. Xiawangbu Station (excluding) ~ Fujin Road Station (section), Fujin Road Station, Fujin Road Station ~ Danshan South Station (section), Danshan South Station, Danshan South Station ~ Danshan Station (section) ), Danshan Station, Danshan Station - Yuxia Road Station (interval), Yuxia Road Station, Yuxia Road Station - Xianshan Road Station (interval), Xianshan Road Station, Xianshan Road Station - Xiata Road Station (interval), Xiata Road Road Station, Xiata Road Station-Fumin Road Station (interval), Fumin Road Station, Fumin Road Station-Gymnasium Station (interval), Gymnasium Station, Gymnasium Station-Wenyang Road Station (interval), Wenyang Road Station, Wenyang Road Station ~ Jingcheng Road Station (section), a total of 9 stations and 10 sections

Section 2 is 9.2 kilometers. Jingcheng Road Station, Jingcheng Road Station-Chunyang Road Station (interval), Chunyang Road Station, Chunyang Road Station-Goucha Station (interval), Goucha Station, Goucha Station-Tianshan 1st Road Station (interval), Tianshan 1st Road Station, Tianshan 1st Road Station ~ Tianshan 2nd Road Station (interval), Tianshan 2nd Road Station and the entry and exit line of the depot, a total of 5 stations and 5 sections

Section 3 is 7.7 kilometers. Tianshan 2nd Road Station - Nanwan Station (section), Nanwan Station, Nanwan Station - Sifangchang Station (section), Sifangchang Station and the back line of the station, a total of 2 stations and 3 sections.

Obtaining tender documents

Units interested in participating in the bidding of this project can directly download the bidding documents from the download column of the bidding documents on this page from the date of this announcement, without registration. The deadline for submitting documents The Qingdao Civic Center is located in the Bid Opening Room 12, 3rd Floor, Public Resource Trading Center, No. 17 and 27, Fuzhou South Road, Shinan District. The place for submitting the bidding documents is 09:30 on January 29, 2022. Editor/Sang Xiaomei