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13.527 billion! Guangxi Longsheng-Dongzhong Port Highway was awarded!

Seetao 2022-01-19 15:45
  • CSCEC has won a large order for Guangxi Expressway, which has an important and positive impact on business layout
  • China State Construction will continue to anchor the infrastructure sector, increase market entry in the field of transportation infrastructure engineering, start from the region, and move from point to point
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On January 18, 2022, the Public Resources Trading Center of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region released the public announcement of the winning candidates of the social capital for the PPP project of Longsheng-Dongzhong Port Highway (Shanglin-Nanning Section). After winning the project, the project construction mileage is about 81.533 kilometers, and the total investment is estimated to be about 13.527 billion yuan.

Project Overview

The project starts from Gaoguzhuang, Shuangluo Village, Sanli Town, Shanglin. It connects to the YA scheme of Yizhou-Shanglin Expressway, crosses with S52 Pingna Expressway, and goes to the southwest exhibition line, passing through the west side of Xiyan Jinlian Lake and the east side of Chengtai Gufang Reservoir. , the west side of Yunli Lake in Dafeng, then pass through the west side of Yunmeng Village, cross Qingshui River, Gaoqiu River, S309, enter the planning area of Shanglin County, pass through Shanglin East Gaokangyang Town, and enter Longshan Autonomous Region-level natural environment in the form of a tunnel Huangnishan, the experimental area of the protected area, enters the experimental area of the Longshan Autonomous Region-level nature reserve in the form of a tunnel from Liuhua Reservoir in Mingming Town. After reaching Sanli Village in Shanglin, it enters Matou Town, Wuming District, and goes south through Yuyuan and Nadi. , at Tianma in Luobo Town, cross Guilong Expressway, after Shanghuang Village, wire along the mountain, turn from Geyang Village in Taiping Town to Gaofeng Forest Park, on the southeast side of Dongshan Reservoir, set up Santang Junction to connect to Nanning Ring Expressway, and After the main line toll station is set up, it will be connected with the Jiuquwan Expressway planned by Nanning City.

The total length of the project is 81.533 kilometers, with 15,613.8/41 (m/seat) bridges, 18,211/15 (m/seat) tunnels, and 41.49% of bridges and tunnels. There are 6 interchangeable interchanges on the whole line, including 3 hub interchanges. (1 has both hub and service functions), 3 general interchanges; there are 1 management sub-center, 2 service areas, 1 parking area, 2 maintenance work areas, and 3 bridge and tunnel management stations on the whole line. , 3 ramp toll stations, 1 main line toll station, 2 road administration bases, 2 traffic police bases.

The cooperation period of this project includes two phases: construction period and operation period (including charging period). Among them: construction period: 3 years (36 months), from the start date of the project to the delivery date; operation period (including charging period): from the delivery date to the expiry date of the project charging period, of which the charging period is 30 years (360 months), starting from the date when the project has passed the acceptance inspection and opened to traffic. Except as otherwise agreed in the PPP project contract of this project for the extension or early termination of the cooperation period.

Bidding Information

The first winning candidates are China State Construction Engineering Corporation, China Construction Infrastructure Co., Ltd., China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd., China State Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Construction Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd., and China Construction Communications Construction Group Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., China Construction Southwest Survey and Design Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Chuanghuida Design Co., Ltd. Editor/Sang Xiaomei