Seven trucks of CCCC under construction in Kenya were attacked and destroyed

Seetao 2022-01-24 16:55
  • The 7 trucks are the assets of CCCC and are in charge of the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia Corridor Project in Kenya
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On the morning of January 23, 2022, Kenya time, a group of militants raided the parking lot of a project in Lamu County, Kenya, causing seven trucks to be burned and no casualties.

After contacting China Communications Construction Co., Ltd., it was confirmed that these trucks belonged to China Communications Construction Company, which undertakes the construction of the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia transportation corridor project, and the attacked parking lot is part of the construction site. The Kenyan Defense Forces said the attack may be linked to Somalia's al-Shabaab.

The Kenyan side then stated that the country's national defense forces believed that the group of armed men who launched the raid may be from an organization "Shabaab" in neighboring Somalia, Kenso and the two countries are "neighbors", and Lamu County is on the border with Somalia. Directly on the border, there have been many attacks here over the years, so the Kenyan side began to suspect that the Somali "Shabaab" may have created these incidents. Frequent attacks by armed men will obviously cause damage to the development of local economic projects, and may also endanger the personal safety of Chinese companies' equipment and staff. Editor/He Yuting