Construction of G4218 Line Kangding-Xinduqiao Expressway started

Seetao 2022-01-27 09:58
  • The project has a total length of 79.449 kilometers. After completion, it will promote the economic development of Tibet-related areas
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Recently, the major projects in Sichuan Province in the first quarter of 2022 will start construction. The groundbreaking ceremony of the Ganzi branch was held in Simaqiao Village, Kangding City. Among them, the Kangding-Xinduqiao Expressway of Line G4218 announced the official start of construction.

G4218 Kangding Yulin-Xindu Bridge Section Expressway is located in Kangding City. It is an integral part of the Sichuan-Tibet South Line into Tibet, and it is also the link between Kangding and Yecheng in the National Highway Network Planning (2013-2030) An important part of. The route of the project starts from Yulin, Kangding, connects to the expressway of Kangding transit section, passes through Maojiagou, Dacaoping, Ertaizi, sets up Zheduoshan Tunnel to cross the mountain, passes through Tangniba, Shuiqiao, Maiba, Waze, and ends at Xinduqiao Town, East Eruo Village. The preliminary design route is 79.449 kilometers long, with 22 bridges, 8 tunnels, 4 intercommunication, 2 service areas and 1 parking area. The bridge-tunnel ratio of the whole line is 65.1%, and the total investment is 16.457 billion yuan.

In the future, after the completion of the Kangding-Xinduqiao Expressway project, it will connect the Yakang Expressway and the Chengya Expressway, forming a main axis of the east-west Tibet-related area from the Chengdu Plain to Lhasa, further strengthening the connection between the Tibet-related area and the mainland. Transportation links, connecting the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle, connecting Panxi and southern Sichuan, and promoting the economic leapfrog development of Tibet-related regions. Editor/He Yuting