Mountain reconstruction machine bravely rushes to a new journey in 2022

Seetao Author :Lu Youpin 2022-01-27 13:52
  • The company's goal in 2022 is to enter the second echelon of China's excavator industry and achieve a market share of more than 6%
  • In the ups and downs of 2021, the sales growth rate of excavator sales of Shanxi Reconstruction Machinery in the first half of the year exceeded 70%, and its performance was quite good
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On December 10, 2021, the construction machinery sector of Shandong Heavy Industry Group successfully held the 2022 Business Cloud Annual Meeting with the theme of "Customer Satisfaction is Our Purpose". A summary report was released on several major aspects such as transformation and structure adjustment, new product development, and marketing strategies, and clarified the overall goals and plans for 2022, and clarified the general development tone of "seeking progress while maintaining stability".

High-quality development to consolidate traditional advantages

2021 will be an extraordinary year for the construction machinery industry. Various factors such as energy and raw material constraints, repeated global epidemics, etc., also face huge challenges for the development of mountain reconstruction machines.

The great tide of the times is full of soup and soup, but those who are enthusiastic take the lead. Although the overall sales volume in the excavator field will decline in 2021, the mountain reconstruction machine has always maintained a stable and high-quality development trend, and has achieved outstanding results in the traditional advantageous market: the output value of the mountain reconstruction machine in the first half of 2021 has exceeded 1.5 billion yuan , the operating income exceeded 1.2 billion yuan, the annual growth rate exceeded 70.4%, and far exceeded the industry average growth rate. Looking at the overall situation, the market share of mountain rebuilding machines exceeded 3% for the first time, and the competitive ranking jumped from the 15th in the country to the 8th, creating the company's best development record in recent years.

"Strive to build a solid foundation, achieve progress while maintaining stability, highlight the main line, keep the bottom line, and adhere to the overall situation of structural adjustment and stable operation." The relevant person in charge of the company said about the future development plan, "In 2022, we will rely on our big data platform to Continuously adapt and upgrade products to enhance product competitiveness. At the same time, we will seize the historical opportunity of the Belt and Road national strategy promotion, and continue to conquer overseas markets while increasing our domestic market share.”

High-precision positioning to break through market bottlenecks

In 2021, the mountain reconstruction machine will go deep into the front line of users, and have an in-depth understanding of the actual use needs and related pain points of customers. The vast majority of users clearly stated that the excavator products of Shanxi Reconstruction Machinery can compete with first-line brands in terms of technical performance, cost, and maneuverability. This kind of reputation and confidence of users stems from the fact that Shanjianjianji has complete research and development and manufacturing capabilities of excavators in China, including a variety of categories from micro excavation to super excavation, and the market coverage rate of the products exceeds 90%. For the mountain reconstruction machine, the excavator market in 2021 will bring huge surprises to the entire team. The sales result of 10,000 units has doubled compared with 2020.

In 2021, the company conducted targeted research on the hardness and strength differences and weathering degrees of different types of rocks, and developed new products of 95 tons and 125 tons on this basis, which are more in line with the mining needs of customers. In addition, in order to further reduce costs and increase efficiency and integrate the group's gold resources, Shanxi Reconstruction Machinery has cooperated with Shandong Port, Shantui, Weichai Power, and Linde Hydraulics to develop a variety of new pure electric medium and large excavation products. While saving energy and environmental protection, the products remain efficient and reliable, helping customers maximize efficiency and benefits.

The person in charge of the company said, "In 2022, the mountain reconstruction machine will make full efforts in the industry to provide optimal excavators and solutions for different working conditions and environments, and hope to enter the second echelon of construction machinery through the efforts of the whole year in 2022. , achieve a market share of more than 6%, and build a world-renowned brand in the excavator industry."

High-precision creation, opening up a new pattern in the future

At the meeting, Shan Jianjian will also put the strengthening of innovative research and development, the improvement of internal management level, and high-precision equipment on the development agenda in 2022. In recent years, in the era of the rise of digital intelligence, Shanxi Reconstruction Machinery has continued to innovate with the "deep internal strength" accumulated over the years, and has achieved good results; this business annual meeting was held in conjunction with brands such as Lovol and Shantui. The purpose of It is to learn from each other's strengths to complement each other's weaknesses, strengthen scientific and technological innovation and mutual learning, and continue to ensure that the major product groups of Shanzhong Group share the group's gold industry chain, thereby forming a dominant position in the market.

From 2022 to 2025, Shanxi Reconstruction Machinery plans to invest 500 million yuan in the construction of digital factories and collaborative production capacity in the next three years. It is expected to be fully completed and put into use in June 2022, focusing on increasing micro excavation, medium excavation, large excavation and super large excavation. Excavated special production capacity equipment to achieve the annual production capacity reserve plan of 30,000 units. It is expected that in the first half of 2022, the company's production capacity output will reach 12,000 to 15,000 units, achieving a sales revenue target of 2 billion yuan.

The smooth sharing of the company's management data flow is the top priority of the digital construction of the mountain reconstruction machine, which can make the production management transparent, thereby greatly improving the production efficiency. In 2022, the Mountain Reconstruction Machine will focus on the smart production scenarios of users such as earthwork, roads, factories and mines through the Crm system data, accurately get through the last mile of smart construction for systematic large-scale users, and realize the attention and service of the whole product life cycle. More healthy and efficient marketing service channels, thereby improving customer satisfaction and customer stickiness.

"Talents are the new highland for enterprise innovation and development." In the future, Shanxi Reconstruction Machine will carry out systematic, professional and differentiated training and shaping for different levels of channels and important positions. At the same time, it intends to use 3 to 5 years to establish a talent intelligence base, realize the powerful functions of talent selection, training, output, and reengineering, and provide enterprises with continuous innovation and research and development power. Editor/Sang Xiaomei