Gansu Yongmin Expressway is about to start construction

Seetao 2022-01-27 15:32
  • After the opening to traffic, the road network will be optimized and improved to improve the level of tourism services
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Recently, the Gansu Provincial Development and Reform Commission held an expert review meeting on the feasibility study report of the Yongchang (Wangxinbao) to Minle (Biandukou) expressway project in Lanzhou. The meeting listened to the report of the project feasibility study report preparation unit, and conducted in-depth discussions on the necessity of project construction, highway technical standards, construction conditions, route plan comparison, starting and ending points, directions and main control points, economic evaluation, investment estimation, etc. Exchange and review. After discussion, the project feasibility study report was approved.

According to reports, the starting point of the Yongchang (Wangxinbao) to Minle (Biandukou) expressway project route is located in Wangxinbao, Yongchang County, and the end point is near Biandukou. The main line is about 68.542 kilometers long and is planned to be constructed according to expressway standards.

The Yongmin Expressway project connects Yongchang County in Jinchang City, Shandan County and Minle County in Zhangye City. After completion, it will comprehensively improve the function and mobility of the road network, filling the gap of the world's No. 1 racecourse—Shandan Military Racecourse without high-grade roads. Editor/He Yuting