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Three shield tunneling machines of Tiejian Heavy Industry are connected

Seetao 2022-02-05 12:22
  • 3 shield machines of CRCC have successively helped the tunnels of Changsha and Hangzhou to pass through
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During the Spring Festival, CRCC's three 15-meter-level shield machines ("Xingsheng" 15.01 meters, "Qiantang Jixiang" 15.01 meters, "Qiantang Endeavour No. 1" 15.07 meters) successively helped Xiangya Road crossing the river channel, Hangzhou Genshan East Road Crossing the River Tunnel and Hangzhou Xiasha Road Tunnel are connected.

Xingsheng helps the tunnel crossing the river to pass through

Recently, jointly built by CRCC and China Railway 14th Bureau, the cutterhead of the largest-diameter shield machine used in Hunan Province "Xingsheng" broke through the wall, marking the smooth completion of the north line of the Xiangya Road Crossing River Tunnel in Changsha. This is the largest diameter shield tunnel currently under construction in Hunan Province.

As the largest cross-river tunnel to date, the Xiangya Road crossing the river is a key infrastructure project in Hunan Province and a major livelihood project benefiting thousands of households in Changsha. The project starts from the intersection of Tongzipo Road and Yuehua Road in Yuelu District in the west and ends at the intersection of Xiangya Road and Middle Furong Road in the east. It is positioned as a municipal arterial road and is the thirty-four “eighteen horizontal and sixteen vertical” roads in Changsha urban area. One of the main roads.

The shield section has a total length of about 1429 meters, mainly passing through moderately weathered rock and lightly weathered slate, with a maximum strength of 86.6 MPa. There are many fractured zones in the interval, and the maximum buried depth is 46.3 meters. The tunnel project passes through the Xiangjiang River, and the cross-river section is designed with two-way six-lane lanes, which is the first time in the cross-river tunnel project in Hunan Province. At the same time, the Xiangya Road Crossing the River Tunnel and Changsha Metro Line 6 were constructed in parallel at the same time. The construction organization was difficult and the construction risk was high.

In response to these geological problems, the "Xingsheng" with a diameter of 15.01 meters was excavated, and the cutter head was designed with a targeted design, which can effectively cope with the impact on the shield machine cutter head when excavating in river bottom rock formations and composite formations, and reduce the frequency of tool change. , improve the excavation efficiency.

Qiantang Auspicious Ship helps tunnel through

Recently, the super-diameter mud-water balance shield machine "Qiantang Jixiang" successfully passed through the river crossing tunnel of Hangzhou Genshan Road, and the construction of the Qiantang Expressway project has entered a new stage.

The Genshan East Road crossing the river tunnel project is designed as an urban expressway, including the river crossing tunnel, comprehensive pipe gallery, ground connecting line project and supporting ancillary projects. The tunnel opens up a new road for Dajiangdong and the main urban area of Hangzhou, and provides a strong guarantee for the construction and development of Dajiangdong. It can not only relieve the traffic pressure of Jiangdong Bridge, but also shorten the time from Dajiangdong to the main urban area of Hangzhou and surrounding cities.

The total length of the project is 4,725 meters (including the ground connection line), the total length of the tunnel is 4,575 meters, the shield tunnel section is about 3.2 kilometers long, and the length across the Qiantang River is about 2.3 kilometers. , the design speed is 80 km/h. The inner diameter of the shield tunnel segment is 13.3 meters and the outer diameter is 14.5 meters. The project mainly passes through soft soil layers such as silty soil, silty soil and cohesive soil, with a maximum burial depth of 44.2 meters.

The excavation diameter of the "Qiantang Jixiang" shield machine is 15.01 meters and the total weight is about 4,300 tons. In view of the construction problems caused by the long distance and large burial depth of the project, the targeted design is adopted, which greatly improves the performance and reliability of the shield machine. Sexuality and geological adaptability.

Qiantang Endeavour No. 1 helps tunnel through

In addition to the Genshan East Road Crossing the River Tunnel, there is also good news from Xiasha Road, which is also an important part of the Qiantang Expressway. The super-diameter mud-water balance shield machine "Qiantang Endeavour No. 1" successfully passed through the Xiasha Road Tunnel in Hangzhou.

Along with Genshan East Road, it is the supporting project for the 2022 Asian Games. The upgrading and reconstruction projects of Xiasha Road and No. 12 Road and the auxiliary supporting projects include road upgrading and reconstruction and supporting engineering construction. Among them, the road upgrading and reconstruction are mainly the tunnel construction of Xiasha Road and No. 12 Road. , the supporting project is mainly for the construction of comprehensive pipe gallery. The main line of the project adopts a combination of underground tunnels and local ground expressways. The main line is a two-way six-lane scale with a design speed of 80 km/h.

The project is located in Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, starting from the west of Baohua Road in the west, connecting with the elevated Genshan East Road and the pipe gallery, and reaching the east of No. 23 Road in the east, with a total length of 7.47 kilometers, of which the shield tunnel is 1605 meters long. The segment mainly passes through the silt layer and the silty silty clay layer, and the minimum turning radius is 600 meters.

"Qiantang Endeavour No. 1" is about 130 meters long, with a total weight of about 4,300 tons, an excavation diameter of 15.07 meters, and a maximum propulsion speed of 50 mm per minute. The shield machine has advanced technical indicators and powerful functions, and adopts targeted design, so that the shield machine has efficient tunneling ability under different geological conditions.

During the Spring Festival, the three large-diameter shield machines were successively connected, showing the excellent product quality and strong technical strength of CRCC. In the future, CRCC will maintain its momentum, make steady progress, and continue to contribute its own strength to national construction.Editor/Ma Xue