Sany equipment helps the construction of the Winter Olympics!

Seetao 2022-02-10 18:39
  • Sany pump truck has higher stability and better passability, which is the best choice for overcoming harsh working conditions
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Recently, Chinese athlete Gu Ailing won the championship in the women's freestyle skiing finals at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, creating another history!

In addition to the Beijing competition area where Gu Ailing won the championship, this Beijing Winter Olympics also has two other competition areas, namely the Yanqing competition area and the Zhangjiakou competition area.

As the "main force" of major global infrastructure projects, Sany is everywhere. Today, let us follow Sany Equipment into another competition area - Zhangjiakou competition area, where the National Ski Center is located.

From Beijing urban area along the Beijing-Li Expressway through the mountains and mountains, to the top of Xiaohaituo, which is 2,198 meters above sea level. This is where the National Alpine Ski Center is located, covering a total area of 4.32 million square meters. It is the first alpine skiing in China that meets the Winter Olympics competition standards. playing field.

The 2022 Winter Olympics alpine skiing competition will be held here from February 6th to February 19th, with 7 tracks for 11 events including alpine skiing, downhill, super giant slalom, giant slalom, and slalom. , a total of 11 gold medals will be generated.

To complete a super project among the complex and scattered mountains requires not only the courage to climb over the mountains, but also the ingenuity of adapting to local conditions.

After three years of hard work, all the tracks have been built, and the builders have completed the alpine track with the most difficult construction and the most complete ecological restoration in the world in three years.

One of the builders, Beijing Lugou Bridge Mass Heng Concrete Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Beijing Mass Heng), started construction in 2018. At the beginning of construction, the construction party found that the original pump truck equipment could not meet the construction requirements of the ski resort, and purchased a 56-meter Volvo chassis pump truck from Sany Heavy Industry for construction.

From the purchase in October 2019 to March 2021, this pump truck has been serving the National Alpine Ski Center in Yanqing Division. Sany Equipment is not afraid of severe cold, and its style of being able to fight tough battles and focus on "hard bones" has been vividly displayed during this construction process.

The alpine skiing competition is the most difficult extreme snow sports event in the Winter Olympics, and the requirements for the track are extremely demanding.

The lowest temperature in Yanqing in winter can reach -30°C, and the strongest gust is over 11. In addition, the altitude here is 1900 meters, and the steepest slope reaches 70%. The work is very difficult. is a great challenge.

Sany pump truck has passed 3,000 forward and reverse climbing tests, and has gone through 300 curves and 625 meters of continuous up and down road monitoring. It has higher stability and better passability. It is the best choice to overcome harsh working conditions. The temperament of "Tough Guy on Land" is brought into full play.

Due to the high mountains and dense forests, in addition to the challenges of going up and down the mountains, there are also construction site constraints, so the flexibility of the pump truck work is high.

Sany pump truck is the first in the industry to have a 7-section boom design, breaking the technical limitations of traditional products, with better site adaptability, more flexible boom, and more stable pumping.

The super performance of the Sany pump truck has won high praise from the construction party. The person in charge of Beijing Quality & Heng Construction said: "The Sany pump truck really lives up to its reputation. This pump truck can perform stably no matter what the working conditions. It has guaranteed our construction progress, and I am very grateful for its strong support.”

In addition to the construction of the National Alpine Ski Center in the Yanqing Division, Sany Equipment also participated in the construction of the Zhangjiakou Olympic Stadium speed skating project, the Yanchong Expressway project and the Olympic Village project.

Among them, two pump trucks in the speed skating project of Zhangjiakou Olympic Gymnasium participated in the construction, one is a Sany 62-meter Mercedes-Benz chassis C10 pump truck, and a Sany 48-meter Isuzu pump truck; the Yanchong Expressway project has a Sany 56 pump truck. M Isuzu chassis; the Olympic Village project has 5 Sany 12-square mixer trucks and a 48-meter Mercedes-Benz chassis.

As long as there is a need, Sany equipment will arrive, and the "main force" of major global infrastructure projects is well-deserved.

Now, the 2022 Winter Olympics have kicked off. Sany Heavy Industry once again used wisdom and ingenuity to create the track, ignite the enthusiasm for ice and snow, and help the promise of "300 million people on ice and snow".

Come on for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics!Editor/Ma Xue