China Saiding Company won a large order for coking project in Mongolia

Seetao 2022-02-14 09:47
  • The project signed by Saiding Company is the first large-scale coking project in Mongolia.
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On February 11, 2022, the chairman of Saiding Engineering Co., Ltd., Li Zhangle, and the chairman of Mongolia Coal Co., Ltd., Baldorj, formally signed an online video agreement for Mongolia's 3 million tons/year coal washing and 600,000 tons/year coking process. Project EPC general contracting cooperation agreement.

This project is the first large-scale coking project in Mongolia. The project is located in the Ailibayin Mine Area of Mongolia. The vertical heat recovery coke oven process is adopted, which is an important measure for Coal Co., Ltd. to complete the transformation and development. After the completion of the project, the production capacity can reach 3 million tons/year of coal washing and 600,000 tons/year of coking, which is of great significance for Coal Co., Ltd. to expand the industrial chain and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise industry.

At the video signing ceremony, Baldorj, Chairman of Coal Co., Ltd., said that this project is an important deployment for Coal Co., Ltd.'s development. It will also bring greater confidence to the company's transformation and development. Li Zhangle expressed his gratitude to Coal Co., Ltd. for choosing Saiding as a partner. Saiding will rely on its strong technical strength and rich engineering experience in the coking field to complete the project construction with high quality and quantity, and achieve win-win cooperation between the two parties. Keywords: One Belt One Road, One Belt One Road News, One Belt One Road Project

The successful signing of the contract is the key achievement of Saiding's implementation of the group's "one body and two wings" overseas layout.Editor/XuNing