Overseas Bridge People Endeavouring Illustration

Seetao 2022-02-24 10:30
  • Overseas builders of the Bridge Bureau continue to extend the road in a foreign country, interpreting hard work and responsibility
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It is a good spring day, and the work is busy. The various projects of the China Railway Construction Bridge Bureau are in full swing, fighting for the first quarter and winning a good start. Especially overseas builders, they use silent struggle to interpret hard work and continue to extend the road in foreign countries; in the desert, they strut long steel dragons; on the sea, they build a Hongqiao crouching wave; overseas, they leave a bridge in all directions. People forge ahead. We will focus on overseas, and we will travel across the ocean to see those frozen highlights.

The D-standard project of the three companies' UAE railway is located in the emirate of Fujairah, UAE. It mainly includes the construction tasks of 3 bridges, 1 middle bridge, 2 passages and 14 culverts. The total length of the bridge is 1015.4 meters, of which the HJR53 port bridge is located in the port area of Fujairah urban area. The bridge adopts the combination design of "continuous beam + cast-in-place simply supported beam", the lower structure is a group pile design, and the upper structure is a single box type box girder . The picture shows the bridge builders in the process of pouring concrete for the box girder.

The HJR53 port bridge of the third company's UAE railway project with the D standard is the longest cast-in-place beam on the whole line. The picture shows the builders pouring the bridge pile foundation in the middle of the night, making unremitting efforts to complete the project node goal.

The total line length of the second phase of the UAE Railway B bid project of the fourth company is 38.896 kilometers, including 4 beam-type railway bridges, 14 frame bridges, 22 culverts and a total of 40 structures. For nearly 600 days and nights, the structures cast by the participating teams with their wisdom and sweat have become "monuments" standing in the desert of the United Arab Emirates. The picture shows the builders working on the frame bridge.

In the track-laying stage of the second-phase B standard project of the UAE Railway of the fourth company, the "long-track track-laying method" is used for track-laying operations. The base material loading and unloading, transportation, tamping and maintenance, track laying, track welding and other processes are closely connected, and every minute counts, opening the track-laying "lightning" model".

On February 21, after more than two years of unremitting efforts of all employees, the dynamic acceptance of the Nigeria-Rai Railway Three Power Project of the Electrification Company was completed, marking that the project has fully entered the static special acceptance stage. During the construction process, the project department has not waited and depended on it, promoted the implementation of epidemic prevention and control tasks in a timely and efficient manner, and seized the construction and production while ensuring epidemic prevention and control.

On the premise that the construction nodes are completed on time, the Electrification Company made overall arrangements for the three power projects of the Nigeria Rai Railway, using different construction modes for each construction stage, and reasonably changing the construction procedures. Taking the system major as the unit, one major is accepted and transferred to another major to ensure that all work is completed on time.

The construction of the fourth sea-crossing bridge between Macau and Taipa, an overseas company, is in full swing. As a key component of Macau's urban transportation system and a key bridge project of the joint-stock company, it is expected to complete the interface abutment of the F ramp of the port area interchange and the interface pier of the G ramp in March. And the last bridge beam structure in front of all walks of life. At the beginning of the construction, the project department immediately organized a special safety class to conduct safety inspections on the "Tiejian Bridge No. 1" crane ship.

In the overseas company's fourth sea-crossing bridge project in Macau and Taipa, the builders actively responded to the government's call. During the two-year Spring Festival, all the project staff stayed behind the project and actively promoted the construction and production. The construction atmosphere of working hard and fast has been formed. The youth commandos gave full play to the youth power in the construction and fought hard to be the first. Editor/He Yuting