Postponed again! The 16th BICES exhibition will be postponed to May 7-10, 2022

Seetao 2022-02-25 12:07
  • The 16th BICES must be rich in the latest technologies, products, construction methods and high-quality activities in the industry
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Dear exhibitors, users, visitors, event organizers and partners: In view of the complex situation of the current nationwide spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the relevant requirements for epidemic prevention and control, in order to effectively ensure the participation of the majority of exhibitors, users and visitors. The health and safety of colleagues, and to ensure the holding of a high-quality industry exhibition to meet the expected requirements of all participants, the organizer, after communicating with relevant departments and exhibition venues, decided to organize the 16th China International Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery and The Machinery Exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference (BICES) has been postponed from March to May 7-10, 2022, and the venue of the exhibition will remain unchanged at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Tianjin). Various activities of the organizer, branches and cooperative units of the association will be adjusted accordingly, and we will notify you of the follow-up related matters.

Thanks to all relevant units for their understanding and support, we will make every effort to do a good job in the follow-up exhibition services with the most positive attitude, the most professional organization and the most thoughtful arrangement, and provide the exhibitors, users and visitors with high-quality products. Display, exchange and cooperation platform. Let us look forward to meeting at BICES as soon as possible for a wonderful event!Editor/XingWentao