Xiang Wenbo: Increase investment in innovation and promote enterprise change

Seetao 2022-03-01 09:58
  • Xiang Wenbo of Sany Heavy Industry is full of confidence in the development of construction machinery and Sany in 2022
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"The 'two-carbon' goal makes many construction machinery face a problem of replacement and renewal, which is a very big opportunity for us."

"China's economy in 2022 may have some declines in the first quarter and the first half of the year, but it may rebound in the second half of the year. 'Before low and then high', this is one of my predictions, and overall I think it is optimistic." Despite all the pressures, Xiang Wenbo is still full of confidence in the development of China's macro economy, construction machinery industry and Sany Heavy Industry in 2022.

About the macro economy: low before high

The 2021 Central Economic Work Conference clearly stated that the economy in 2022 will face the pressure of shrinking demand, supply shocks, and weakening expectations. Xiang Wenbo believes that these three pressures are related to Sany, "but for us, the main thing is shrinking demand."

Xiang Wenbo said that the construction machinery industry has experienced five years of high-speed growth from 2016 to 2021, and a moderate decline in growth or even negative growth is expected, "This is the characteristic of our industry, we do not feel To a very large pressure." If the total pressure score is 10 points, now there are 3 points.

Xiang Wenbo believes that infrastructure construction has a particularly large impact on the national economy. "On the whole, I predict that 2022 may be a better year for us." At the end of 2021, the Central Economic Work Conference clearly proposed to carry out infrastructure investment moderately ahead of schedule, which is very important for the construction machinery industry. opportunity. In addition, the "dual carbon" goal makes many construction machinery face an alternative and new problem, which is a very big opportunity for Sany.

Xiang Wenbo said that he himself is relatively optimistic about China's macro economy in 2022. "There may be some declines in the first quarter and the first half of the year, but there is a possibility of a rebound in the second half of the year. 'Before low and then high', this is one of my predictions, and overall I think it is optimistic."

He said that this confidence first comes from trust in the system. "I think our Party Central Committee and the State Council are very powerful and experienced in managing economic development." Second, it is full of confidence in the potential and resilience of the Chinese economy itself. Third, it is full of confidence in the global competitiveness of the construction machinery industry.

How can entrepreneurs maintain confidence under the pressure of "weakening expectations"?

Xiang Wenbo talked about his views: the first is that the government has introduced a series of measures to boost the economy, and these measures are precise and powerful; the second is that we are now in a once-in-a-lifetime technological window period, and what enterprises need to do It is to create and activate demand through technological innovation; the third is the resilience and potential of the Chinese economy itself, the requirements of the times, and there is still a lot of room for people to improve their quality of life; fourth, the level of globalization of Chinese enterprises is still at a low level. A relatively low level, this room for improvement is greater. "So everyone should have confidence in the future, in 2022."

About construction machinery: far from the peak

In Xiang Wenbo's view, Sany Heavy Industry in 2021 "did not feel any particular pressure".

As a core business, construction machinery is cyclical, which is an industry feature, and this adjustment is predictable and reasonable. As an equipment manufacturing enterprise, Sany Heavy Industry's industrial business fields also involve new energy, petroleum equipment, coal machinery, port machinery, sanitation machinery and so on.

"The situation of each industry is very different. Construction machinery will have some adjustments from 2021, but our international business is very good, and it has increased by nearly 60% in January 2022; the new energy sector (like wind power) The development is better, so we feel good overall."

Xiang Wenbo said that construction machinery is actually very closely related to the common people. At least two aspects of our "food, clothing, housing and transportation" are highly related to it. One is "living", such as a house; the other is "travel", such as highways, high-speed railways, and airports. They all need the support of construction machinery to complete high-quality and high-speed work. "I think this is still a very important industry, and it can be said to be a strategic industry."

Regarding some leading manufacturing enterprises in 2021 facing the "question of peaking", Xiang Wenbo said that construction machinery is "far from peaking", and there are at least several opportunities: first, the space for internationalization is still very large; second, There is still a lot of room for human demand for construction machinery, and the aging of China's population will bring greater demand for labor replacement; the third is the technological cycle, and traditional construction machinery based on fossil energy will gradually be phased out; four It is the future of intelligence, less people or even unmanned, and it is also a very big opportunity.

Therefore, he asserted: As far as the construction machinery industry is concerned, I personally feel that it is far from the stage of reaching the top or reaching the top.

About Sany Heavy Industry: Stable and far-reaching

In the past few years, Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Group, has faced the opportunities and challenges brought about by the new technological revolution and the new energy revolution with the determination and courage of "turn over or overturn the ship", and took the initiative to lead the enterprise to transform and seek changes. And achieved considerable results.

Xiang Wenbo believes that the phrase "turn over or capsize" is not an alarmist. "Digitalization and new energy revolution are both disruptive technologies. If a company does not adapt to this new era, it is entirely possible to be eliminated. This is our understanding of Sany."

At present, Sany is implementing three strategies: one is digitalization, which is digital transformation; the other is electrification. "We hope that Sany will not passively adapt to the requirements of electrification, but will promote electrification in this field through its own innovation. The third is internationalization, expanding the market internationally, building its own brand, and using internationalization to hedge against the impact of cyclical adjustments in the domestic market.

Xiang Wenbo said that as one of the largest equipment manufacturing companies in China, Sany must attach great importance to the issue of supporting the industrial chain, both in terms of national development strategy and its own operations, so over the years, it has been vigorously cultivating domestic matching system. "I think in the field of construction machinery, the safety problem of the industrial chain should be basically solved."

Regarding Sany's supply chain enterprises, Xiang Wenbo expressed the hope that Sany would provide better products and better services to enhance their competitiveness and improve their operational quality, "This is also our obligation and responsibility. ".

Summarizing the experience of the impact of the Trinity hedging cycle in 2021, Xiang Wenbo summarized three points: the first is internationalization. Exports doubled last year, which hedged against the impact of the downturn in the domestic market; the second is to increase product competitiveness by increasing R&D and innovation, and the market share of flagship products has been increased; the third is to vigorously promote intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation, such as The pile driver factory in Beijing has become the world's first "lighthouse factory" in the construction machinery industry.

In Xiang Wenbo's view, enterprises must "go steady and long-term", that is, they must combine long and short, and they must adhere to long-termism. And enterprise management must rely on "going in" to achieve the goal of "stable". "We must continue to increase investment in technological innovation and continue to promote corporate changes. These are always on the road, and there is never a final solution. 'Offensive is the best defense', I think this sentence Right."Editor/Ma Xue