Pakistan-China trade strives to seek new breakthroughs!

Seetao 2022-03-04 15:13
  • Brazil and China still have great potential to be tapped in sustainable development and science and technology
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The trade volume between China and Brazil will reach a new high in 2021, with preliminary statistics exceeding US$130 billion. In an interview with reporters on March 2, Turio Carrero, a researcher at the Brazilian Chinese Entrepreneurs Committee, believed that the trade volume between the two countries still has a long history. With greater potential, efforts should be made to find new breakthroughs.

Carrero believes that the substantial increase in the trade volume between the two countries in 2021 is mainly due to the increase in the price of raw materials, and Brazil is the world's main exporter of raw materials. He said that in the long run, to consolidate the level of trade between the two countries, more opportunities will need to be found in the future, especially to increase the export ratio of manufactured products.

Carreiro pointed out that the Chinese market is a fully competitive market, and Chinese local products are of high quality and low price. The products are very competitive and can also provide different customized products to various consumer groups in China.”

Carreiro also said: "The competitiveness of the Chinese market also comes from other major exporting countries. These countries are competing to export high value-added products to the Chinese market, which is exactly what the current Chinese market needs. Brazilian companies should be aware of these specific situations. Understand, and then determine the direction of developing the market.”

Carreiro called on Brazilian producers and exporters to further understand the Chinese market, carefully investigate what the Chinese market needs, what Chinese consumers need, and how to adapt to these needs. He emphasized: "China's opening the door to new products is one aspect. More importantly, Brazilian exporters should carefully analyze and research the Chinese market, and understand the operation rules and sales channels of the Chinese market."

Carreiro also mentioned good news for the development of trade between the two countries - the entry into force of the fast-track customs clearance between China and Brazil. "Through the fast-track customs clearance, enterprises of the two countries can simplify customs procedures, which will greatly shorten the arrival time of goods and reduce costs," he said.

In addition, the economic and trade cooperation between Pakistan and China can also be extended to sustainable development and technological innovation.

Carreiro said: "Brazil and China have strong economic complementarity, which is particularly prominent in trade. China has become Brazil's largest trading partner since 2009, but there is still great potential in sustainable development and technology. dig."

"In terms of environmental protection, Brazil has a tradition. Since the 1990s, there have been various theories and debates on sustainable development; and 'green economy' is also a concept of sustainable development. Achieving green development in the economic and trade field is a topic that the two countries can discuss together," Carreiro said.

He said that Brazil has vast land, which is very suitable for the development of renewable energy. In the fields of wind power plants, solar energy, electric vehicles, etc., China has begun to invest in Brazil, and there are many more projects suitable for cooperation between the two countries.

He also believes: "In terms of scientific and technological innovation, China has made outstanding achievements in recent years. It has advanced technologies in 5G, artificial intelligence and other fields. There is also the possibility of exchanges between Pakistan and China in these fields." Editor / Zhao E