Ninghai pumped-storage power station recharges deep mountains

Seetao 2022-03-10 16:56
  • Ninghai Pumped Storage Power Station is the most comprehensive and systematic project undertaken by the 12th Hydropower Bureau
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In the spring of March, walking into the construction site of Ninghai Pumped Storage Power Station is like walking into a three-dimensional "garden". "Green" and "technology" are the important cores contained in the project. The sound of machines is roaring, people are moving, more than 500 sets of machinery and equipment are working back and forth, and more than 1,500 workers and masters are working in a tense and orderly manner.

Construction work face of Shangku Dam

The construction site was full of vigor and enthusiasm, which attracted Zhejiang Daily and Zhejiang News Network to focus on propaganda. The media reporters went up to the dam and entered the cave, went deep into the construction site, and interviewed several operating points. With the title of "Plug the "Super Charging Treasure" in the depths of the mountains", they reported the construction of the Ninghai Pumped-storage Power Station Project at a long time and witnessed the project. During the peak construction period, the builders made great contributions to the rapid economic development of Zhejiang and made great achievements.

At present, the pre-construction transportation hub has been basically completed, and the dam filling of the upper and lower reservoirs, the excavation of the underground powerhouse and the water diversion system, and the concrete pouring of the spillway are progressing simultaneously.

Construction work face of Shangku Dam

The upper reservoir of the power station was filled to elevation 605, with a cumulative filling of more than 1.316 million cubic meters, completing 89% of the designed volume;

Dam face of the lower reservoir of the power station

The Lower Reservoir was filled to an elevation of 140.2, with a cumulative filling of more than 1.949 million cubic meters, completing 98% of the design volume;

Excavation of the sixth floor of the underground powerhouse

Inlet and outlet of the upper warehouse

In the water diversion system of the power station, 60% of the 1# upward inclined shaft and 20% of the lower inclined shaft are completed; The well excavation is 99% completed, and the excavation of the water inlet and outlet of the lower silo and the gate well is 90% completed.

The Construction Bureau is actively strengthening the management and control of construction and production, organizing and coordinating construction resources, formulating feasible progress correction measures, and strictly implementing the requirements of "today's work today" to ensure that the construction tasks of the day are completed on the same day, so as to ensure that the monthly plan is realized on schedule.

Today's Ninghai pumped-storage power station, "green", "technology" and "pumped-storage industry benchmark" have become its carrying labels, the first large-diameter full-section SBM (full-section shaft shield machine) excavation equipment in China, ultra-small turning radius Construction highlights such as TBM (small hole diameter full-section hard rock shield machine) shield equipment, vegetation concrete ecological protection and greening technology (VCC), and a comprehensive environmental protection control system have been praised again and again.

Rendering of Ninghai Pumped Storage Power Station

The pumped-storage power station is one of the two major brands of the 12th Hydropower Bureau, and the Ninghai pumped-storage power station is the most comprehensive, systematic and single largest pumped-storage power station project undertaken by the 12th Bureau of Hydropower in recent years. As a key construction project of the National Energy Administration's "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" and a key project in Zhejiang Province, the Ninghai Pumped Storage Power Station has an installed capacity of 1,400 MW and a total investment of about 7.95 billion yuan. Filling valley, frequency modulation, phase modulation and accident backup and other tasks.

In 2022, the Ninghai Construction Bureau needs to complete the important node goals such as the upper and lower reservoirs with water storage conditions, and the completion of the previous bid (Q3), which is the most critical year for building high-quality projects and creating national excellent projects. "Double first-class" construction, go all out to write a new chapter in pumping and saving construction! Editor / Zhao E