Invested 5.03 billion yuan! Chongqing starts 11 water conservancy projects

Seetao 2022-03-30 17:22
  • This construction project solves the problem of engineering water shortage and plays an important role in improving people's livelihood
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Chongqing will start construction on 11 key water conservancy projects on March 30, 2022. After the completion of these projects, they will play an important role in flood control, flood control and security, urban and rural drinking water, farmland irrigation, ecological civilization, and economic development.

The projects under construction include the Fulin Reservoir Project in Qijiang District, the Huangqin Reservoir Expansion Project in Zhongxian County, the Comprehensive Management of Flood Control and Bank Protection (Phase II) Project in Xiushan County, the Water System Connectivity in Rongchang District and the Shuimei Village Construction Project and other 11 key water conservancy projects. There are 7 key water source projects, 2 flood control and bank protection projects, and 2 Shuimei rural construction projects, with a total investment of 5.03 billion yuan.

After the completion of all 11 key water conservancy projects, 68.632 million cubic meters of new water storage capacity will be added to solve the problem of water supply safety for 426,000 people, 235,000 mu of new irrigation area, 89.2 kilometers of river length, and a total of 15 townships (streets) will be guaranteed. Flood safety for a population of 107,000.

It is worth mentioning that the Fulin Reservoir project in Qijiang District, which started this time, is the first water conservancy project in Chongqing that adopts the BOO general contracting model. The Fulin Reservoir Project is a medium-sized water conservancy project that mainly focuses on agricultural irrigation and water supply for farms and towns, and also has comprehensive utilization functions such as drinking water for rural people and livestock in the irrigation area. The total investment of the project approval estimate is 749 million yuan, and the total construction period is 48 months.

The relevant person in charge of the Chongqing Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau said that this concentrated construction project includes key water source projects to build a modern water network in Chongqing, focusing on solving the problem of engineering water shortage, which is important for ensuring urban and rural water supply security, food security, ecological security, and improving people's livelihood. There are also flood control and bank protection projects, which focus on solving the problem of weak points in flood control, and play an important role in ensuring the safety of urban and rural flood control and improving the ecological environment; there are also national-level water and beauty rural construction pilot projects, focusing on solving the problem of water ecological protection and restoration, and improving water quality. It plays an important role in the environment, promoting water culture, building harmony between people and water, helping rural revitalization, and creating high-quality life.

According to reports, in 2022, the Chongqing Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau will continue to promote the "One Core, Two Networks, One Hundred Rivers and Thousands of Rivers" water conservancy action, fully start the construction of Chongqing's water network, continue to build 141 water source projects, and start 20 new water source projects; focus on improving urban and rural areas. Flood control capacity, focusing on improving the flood control engineering system, strengthening flood control management and control, and strengthening monitoring, early warning and forecasting, etc., completed the treatment of 10 kilometers of large rivers and 214 kilometers of small and medium rivers. Editor / Zhao E