Shangchai Power 12VK prototype was successfully debugged

Seetao 2022-04-07 09:56
  • The 12VK engine expands the product spectrum and technology development capabilities of Shangchai Power's high-power engines
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Recently, a steady roar of the engine came from the company's test and trial production base, which is in the closing and control period. The first prototype of Shangchai Power 12VK has been successfully debugged!

The Shangchai Power family has ushered in a new member with outstanding strength! The 2185kW power of the 12VK engine is equipped with an independent ECU, which expands the product spectrum and technical development capabilities of Shangchai Power's high-power engines, and opens a new chapter for Shangchai Power's high-power products.

In March 2022, the technical team of Shanghai Diesel Power Co., Ltd. overcame the problem of parts delivery cycle and quality, and completed the first assembly of 12VK. The research and development work is progressing smoothly. However, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic disrupted work arrangements, and engineers who were accustomed to enjoying the roar of engines, designing drawings, and analyzing data at the scene every day faced unexpected difficulties.

In the face of emergencies, the R&D team responded quickly. The project platform is connected to the command line, the technicians are remotely controlled, and the internal and external assistance has finally overcome many technical problems such as electrical, signal and calibration after many days of hard work.Editor/Ma Xue