Shantui service engineers escort Shantui milling machine!

Seetao 2022-04-08 16:31
  • Each service example shows us Shantui's service quality
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Shantui milling machine is favored by more and more customers for its excellent product quality and timely service. This time, the milling machine service team came to a certain place in Guangxi Province. When the first ray of sunshine in the morning shines into the beautiful southwest small When the town was over, the service team had already arrived at the construction site to ensure the operation.

The customer is a trading company, and the main purpose of the purchase is to mill asphalt roads. The person in charge of the unit described to the service staff of Shantui: "At that time, we also took a fancy to the high-quality performance of your Shantui milling machine. I didn't expect your service to be so considerate. You came to guide us so early. What else is there to worry about!" "It is necessary to check the engine oil and antifreeze level of the milling machine, check whether the relevant rotating parts are smooth, investigate the surrounding conditions of the road, the key points of the milling drum of the milling machine and the precautions during construction. "The Shantui service personnel are carefully and patiently teaching the maintenance details to the operators at the construction site.

In the mottled tree shadows, the water tank filled the water tank of the milling machine, and the Shantui loader followed the old material recycling. The two equipments were one after the other, attracting many citizens to stop and watch, "Look, it's all Shantui. The equipment, we have been repairing the road very quickly, and it will be open to traffic soon!"

When the lamp is on, the Shantui milling machine turns on the front and rear lights and continues to work. Taking advantage of the construction pause, the service team taught the operator how to clean the milling machine, and said while cleaning: "Today we need to clean these parts no matter what time it is, or they will freeze tomorrow, which will not affect the heat dissipation. Well, it won't look good after a long time." After the cleaning was completed, it was already past ten o'clock at night, and the service team members dragged their tired bodies and returned to the station to rest.

"Milling" is full of glory, "planing" is wonderful! This road in the southwest border has become wide and flat due to the construction of Shantui milling machine. Shantui milling machine proves to customers with its wonderful milling effect: choose Shantui, choose the future!Editor/XingWentao