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Westinghouse to support Sizewell B nuclear power plant project

Seetao 2022-04-11 14:54
  • Construction of the Sizewell B nuclear power plant project in Suffolk, UK will accelerate the construction of UK clean energy projects
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Westinghouse will support initial construction work at the SizewellB nuclear power plant in Suffolk, UK. The company was selected by French energy company EDF, which operates the SizewellB plant. Under the agreed terms, Westinghouse will work with other industry partners Jacobs and General Electric to carry out the preliminary work on the project.

EDF is leading a long-term operation (LTO) programme aimed at extending the operational life of the nuclear power plant by 20 years, which means it will be decommissioned in 2055. The first phase of the plan will involve scoping and a cost-benefit assessment. A final investment decision is expected in 2024. The first phase of the project is expected to require a total investment of $14 million from all parties involved.

“The innovations, teams and tools that Westinghouse brings will enhance SizewellB’s performance and ensure safe and cost-effective expansion of operations,” said Tarik Choho, President, Westinghouse Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Operations Plant Services. “We are proud to partner with Jacobs Join GE on this critical project to extend the life of SizewellB, which in turn will support UK economic growth and the job market, providing a safe path to a clean energy future. "

Paul Morton, EDF Chief Nuclear Officer, said: “SizewellB is an important national asset that helps provide a clean, independent energy supply. “EDF is actively exploring opportunities to extend its 20-year lifespan to increase production to 2055. A final investment decision is expected in 2024. "Keywords: engineering construction, engineering news

SizewellB is a commercial pressurized water reactor. It is said to be the most modern and efficient plant in the UK civilian nuclear sector. A third power station at the Sizewell nuclear power plant is currently being planned. In January, the UK government announced £100 million ($134 million) in funding for the SizewellC nuclear project.Editor/XingWentao


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