Tianjin Port Group got off to a good start in the first quarter

Seetao 2022-04-13 10:14
  • The port is an important node in maintaining the international supply chain, and ensuring stable operation is the top priority
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In the first quarter of 2022, Tianjin Port Group overcame the adverse effects of the severe epidemic situation and the superposition of severe weather, and ushered in a "good start" in the first quarter, with a container throughput of 4.627 million TEUs, a year-on-year increase of 3.5%, setting a record for the same period in history.

Epidemic prevention and control is rigorous and strict to keep the port running smoothly

The port is not only an important node for maintaining the stability of the international industrial chain and supply chain, but also the first line of defense for the "foreign import" of the port, and ensuring stable operation is the top priority. In the first quarter, Tianjin faced the "big test" of the Omicron epidemic twice. Tianjin Port Group implemented the same prevention of people, materials and environment, and the "whole chain" closely focused on people, vehicles and cargo ships. Do a good job in the management of inbound ships, cold chain operations and centralized residents, and implement the "fortress project" in a timely manner to build a strong defense line for epidemic prevention and control in ports.

On this basis, Tianjin Port Group actively coordinated the production resources of the whole port, introduced a number of service measures, and served the country's "six stability" and "six guarantees" with the port. The stable and orderly operation of the port promotes the rational allocation of various transport capacities, proactively clears the port transportation congestion caused by the epidemic, takes the initiative to apply for departure certificates for the drivers of trucks leaving Tianjin, and sets up nucleic acid testing points to solve the worries of customers; The distribution service channel and the railway collection and distribution port service channel are convenient and efficient to meet the needs of customers for collection and distribution ports; relying on the e-commerce network, it continues to provide 7×24 hours of online port business acceptance, payment, inquiry and other convenient services to provide customers with high-quality services at any time. Port services; establish a guarantee mechanism for the transportation of materials for the Winter Olympics, jointly open a "green channel" with the port department, and complete 270 batches of materials for the Winter Olympics with high quality, ensuring the guarantee of port transportation services and the efficient and smooth transportation of key materials.

Green ports make good deeds, and zero-carbon terminals have achieved remarkable results

Tianjin Port Group continues to make efforts to build a green port and vigorously promote a new model of green and low-carbon development.

In the first quarter, Tianjin Port Group solidly carried out the 100-day operation for safety production, fire prevention and control in winter and spring, and centralized management of hazardous chemicals, and further promoted the special management improvement action for safety production. Technological innovation and application have consolidated the foundation of port security; the world's first zero-carbon terminal was awarded the "Carbon Neutrality Certificate", and the smart green energy system has been running safely and stably for more than 100 days, with a cumulative power generation of about 5.59 million kWh, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 100,000 kilowatt-hours. 6,000 tons, ensuring 100% self-sufficiency of the terminal's energy consumption; it has established the world's largest port fleet of clean energy horizontal transportation, which reduces carbon emissions by 155 kilograms per 100 kilometers per 100 kilometers compared with fuel trucks of the same capacity.

Smart Ports Achieve Breakthroughs, Operating Efficiency Rising

For a long time, Tianjin Port Group has been actively building a highland of port technology innovation, and is committed to contributing to the intelligent transformation of global ports.

In the first quarter, the "5G + Smart Port" project jointly built by Tianjin Port Group, Huawei and China Mobile won the GLOMO award, becoming the world's first port project to win this award, and was highly recognized by the industry. The “1+5+11+N” working system and the implementation of many key projects such as “point, line and surface” have been accelerated, and efforts have been made to create a model for the digital transformation of the port; the pilot tugboat intelligent management and control system has been put into operation, helping to increase the berthing and berthing efficiency by an average of 8%; It has refreshed various operational efficiency records 11 times successively. Pacific International has broken the global operational efficiency record of "2M Nordic Second Line" with an average efficiency of 468 natural containers per hour at berthing, and the brand "Tianjin Port Efficiency" has won praise.

Hub ports continue to upgrade, loading and unloading logistics work together

In the first quarter, Tianjin Port Group closely relied on the port's own advantages, actively expanded the market, tapped the potential internally, carried out the "Spring Rain Action" in depth, visited more than 1,100 customers, and successfully opened the new route of "China-Australia Express" direct flights to Australia , to further smooth the domestic and international dual circulation; the upgrading of production capacity is accelerated, the Haijia Ro-Ro terminal is officially put into operation, and the annual throughput capacity of 500,000 commercial vehicles has been added. —The acceptance of the Beijing-Tianjin Logistics Park project has been completed, with an additional cold chain storage capacity of 60,000 tons; the high-quality development of sea-rail combined transportation, the "Qiqihar-Changchun-Tianjin Port" train has been launched, and the "Yinchuan-Tianjin Port" single-unit sea-rail train has been opened. For intermodal trains, the linkage between sea, land, port and railway has been continuously strengthened, and the traffic volume has increased by more than 20% year-on-year. Enhanced.Editor/Zhao E