XCMG excavators won the annual product of China's construction machinery

Seetao 2022-04-17 09:31
  • XCMG excavator won the TOP50 annual product of China's construction machinery with three awards
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On April 16, 2022, the "2022 China Construction Machinery Annual Product TOP50 Award Ceremony" was successfully held in the form of cloud live broadcast. XCMG excavators lived up to expectations, beat the pack, and successfully won three awards.

Among them, XE380DK MAX and XE215E won the "China Construction Machinery Annual Product Market Performance Gold Award" and "China Construction Machinery Annual Product New Energy Gold Award" respectively, and the XE600DK MAX won the "China Construction Machinery Annual Product TOP50".

This event was guided by the National Construction Machinery Quality Inspection and Testing Center and hosted by "Construction Machinery and Maintenance" magazine. The most outstanding products were comprehensively selected by the industry expert group, demonstrating the strong scientific and technological innovation capability of China's construction machinery industry.

The king of word of mouth, value leads the market

The XCMG XE380DK MAX hydraulic excavator, which has won the "Gold Award for Annual Product Market Performance of China Construction Machinery", has broken through four core technologies and achieved 6 technological innovations. Once it came out, it was favored by customers, and its market share took the lead in the industry. The king of word of mouth among 30-ton excavators.

As a hot-selling model, the XE380DK MAX has been designed with the concept of "energy saving, high efficiency, and environmental protection" as its research and development concept. It has many advantages such as strong power, durability, intelligence and environmental protection. For small and medium-sized mines and large-scale earthwork conditions, XE380DK MAX is committed to improving the operating efficiency and reliability of the excavator, and has achieved major innovation breakthroughs in key technical fields such as intelligent control and structural parts strengthening.

With its strong adaptability to working conditions and excellent product performance, XE380DK MAX has won numerous fans in the north and south. building.

Energy saving benchmark, leading the green fashion

Under the "double carbon" goal, the green transformation of construction machinery is imminent, and electrification is a major breakthrough in the industry.

During the TOP50 New Energy Summit Forum, Geng Jiawen, Deputy General Manager of XCMG Excavation Machinery Division, said: Intelligence, digitization, electrification, energy saving and emission reduction are important starting points for Chinese manufacturing to go global. Knowing this, XCMG excavators always insist on Technological innovation drives development, and continues to invest heavily in green product research and development systems.

Taking the gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use" as the R&D and manufacturing concept, the XE215E hydraulic excavator adopts pure electric power, which can achieve zero exhaust gas emission, and has the characteristics of low use cost and low noise. Standard dual-gun DC fast charging interface, high charging efficiency, using XCMG's proprietary motor pump control technology, the whole machine is more energy-efficient and efficient. XE215E pure electric excavator is widely used in tunnels, steel mills, docks and other construction areas with high environmental protection requirements due to its advanced technology and excellent performance.

The hero of the mining world, showing the style of the king

The construction of green mines has become a national strategy. In the face of increasingly stringent environmental protection policies for mining and rising oil prices in the market, the cost of equipment usage for excavator users continues to increase. Keeping up with the market trend, XCMG excavators innovated and sought changes, closely combined advanced technology with user needs, and successfully launched the XE600DK MAX, a powerful mining tool.

Focusing on high energy efficiency ratio, XE600DK MAX focuses on the three core demands of "stability, economy and value", and is committed to creating more value for customers: larger counterweight, more powerful pressure hammer; longer and wider chassis, larger grounding area , the crushing and digging stability are better; the use of PIC feedforward intelligent control technology, the fuel economy is improved by 3%-9%; the engine and the main pump are precisely matched, and the energy efficiency ratio is better; the dual-slewing motor, the rotation is more powerful, and the working efficiency is Higher; bucket capacity range covers 2.8-4.0m³, more complete configuration, creating greater benefits for customers.

As a powerful product, since its launch in September 2021, the XE600DK MAX has performed outstandingly in various performances such as fuel consumption and operating efficiency. It has been well received by customers across the country, and its market sales are far ahead of products of the same ton level.

XCMG Excavator won the top 50 annual products of China's construction machinery with three awards, becoming the company with the most awards in the excavator industry. Behind the fruitful results is the double affirmation of the market and the industry, and it is also an excellent manifestation of R&D strength and product competitiveness. Focusing on technological innovation and customer value enhancement, XCMG excavators are committed to creating first-class products with "leading technology and indestructible use" to boost the high-quality and healthy development of China's construction machinery industry. Editor/Xing Wentao