ZAT6000H7 won the China Construction Machinery Product Performance Gold Award

Seetao 2022-04-17 10:27
  • Zoomlion has always maintained forward-looking thinking in the field of professional application of all-terrain cranes
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On April 16, 2022, the "2022 China Construction Machinery Annual Product TOP50 Award Ceremony" was successfully held under the guidance of the National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and sponsored by Construction Machinery and Maintenance Magazine. Strength and excellent market performance won the "China Construction Machinery Annual Product TOP50 (2022)" market performance gold award. Previously, Zoomlion ZAT18000H won the TOP50 Golden Finger Award (2021)

The selection activity brought together nearly 20 senior industry experts from China Construction Machinery Industry Association, National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, China Academy of Building Research, etc. During the 8-day online voting stage, more than 800,000 netizens participated in the online voting. The cumulative number of votes has exceeded 2.78 million, and its authority and influence are self-evident.

Strength to win the favor of the market

With years of experience in large-tonnage research and development, Zoomlion has always maintained a forward-looking thinking in the professional application field of all-terrain cranes, keeping close to customers and paying attention to the practical application of products.

ZAT6000H7 is mainly positioned in urban construction and wind power maintenance. The maximum working height is 140m, the maximum working range is 100m, the lifting capacity is the strongest in the same class, and the adaptability to working conditions is the best, making it not only easy to handle in urban construction operations, but also easy to deal with the maintenance of mainstream fans below 100 meters.

Since its listing in 2019, with its high adaptability in the urban construction market, full coverage of hoisting conditions and strong lifting capacity, ZAT6000H7 has been widely concerned and praised by customers in the hoisting industry, and the domestic market share of the same tonnage has reached 75%.

Quality takes the crown of the industry

Zoomlion has always adhered to the strategy of technological innovation, continuously improved the performance and quality of equipment in line with international standards, and made steady progress towards the ultimate goal of building high-end hoisting construction equipment that meets market demand. In pursuit of the safest and most reliable, during the research and development process of ZAT6000H7, every key part has been repeatedly trial-manufactured by technicians, resulting in the high quality and high reliability of Zoomlion ZAT6000H7 all-terrain crane.

The excellent quality has won high recognition from users. "When purchasing Zoomlion ZAT6000H7, I saw that this vehicle is flexible, powerful, and cost-effective. The ZAT6000H7 crane has further improved its overall performance. After several months of construction, it proved that My vision is correct! For this reason, I repurchased a second one, and now the two vehicles are being constructed at the same time, which expands the construction scope and increases the company's competitiveness in the hoisting market." Fujian user Chen Weijie is not stingy. Linked to ZAT6000H7 for sure.

Product technical advantages

1. Super-long boom length and super performance: the super-long main boom is 90 meters, and the operating range is wider. The maximum lifting height can reach 90 meters, and the working range can reach 80 meters; the main boom + wind power boom can meet the wind power maintenance of 100 meters and below and the auxiliary work in the early stage of wind power installation.

2. Safe and efficient driving transition: The newly upgraded seven-axle all-ground chassis is equipped with Weichai National VI engine, with strong power and a rated power of 480w; 4+1 drive, the climbing ability is greatly improved, and the maximum climbing degree in the full arm state is 38% , with a maximum gradient of 32%.

3. Low operating cost: dual engine, dedicated for special plane, independent engine for getting on and off, using Cummins QSL8.9-C360-30 engine, maximum power 264Kw, getting off with Weichai National VI WP15 485kW engine or Mercedes-Benz National VI OM473 480kW engine, More power and better plateau characteristics.

Accurately grasping the development trend of the times, Zoomlion will continue to adhere to the "customer-centric" concept, grasp market trends, adhere to technological innovation and quality priority, and continue to provide customers with high-quality products and excellent service experience, and upgrade the industry. Inject new impetus.Editor/XingWentao