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During the 14th Five-YearPlan period, Hainanplansto buildgigabit free trade port

Seetao 2022-04-20 10:56
  • Hainan will build a full gigabit free trade port, and it is planned that Hainan's optical network will reach the national advanced level
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Hainan is expected to invest more than 25 billion yuan in total, including five construction directions: 4G/5G network integration development, ubiquitous high-speed optical fiber broadband, and intelligent upgrade of backbone transmission.

In recent years, Hainan has made every effort to promote the improvement of the optical network level, accelerating the upgrading and transformation of the optical fiber network, further improving the quality of 4G network coverage, promoting the construction and application of 5G network in an extraordinary manner, making breakthroughs in the construction of international communication facilities, and integrating innovation in the data center cloud network. achieved outstanding results. Among them, regarding the construction of international communication facilities, Wang Jing, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Hainan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, said: "For the first time in China, a dedicated international Internet data channel for Hainan Free Trade Port, which is declared by provincial-level regions and covers multiple parks, has been opened. More than 20 international dedicated Internet accesses have significantly improved the Internet access performance of 9 park enterprises including Yangpu, Boao Lecheng, Ecological Software Park, and Fuxing City."

At the same time, communication operators and cloud service providers who are deeply involved in the development of Hainan are actively promoting the construction of cloud-network integration data centers. By the end of 2021, 17 data centers have been built and operated in the province, and the total number of standard racks in use has exceeded 10,000. "Hainan's optical network construction should be further comprehensively upgraded to meet the needs of free trade port construction, especially the needs of 'three districts and one center', smart Hainan, and rural revitalization. We should build it into an 'international information and communication hub'." Wang Jing said that during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Hainan has five construction directions:

First, the integration and development of 4G/5G networks. Wang Jing said that the 4G network still needs to further optimize the quality and expand the coverage. In order to achieve wide-area coverage and deep coverage of key areas, a 5G network must have at least 25,000 5G base stations. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, about 7,331 5G base stations were built. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Hainan's 5G network coverage level was at the national advanced level.

Second, fiber-optic broadband is ubiquitous at high speeds. Its main goal is to achieve more than 92% coverage of gigabit fiber optic networks in urban households in Hainan Province. In addition, in more than 20 natural villages in rural Hainan, the coverage rate of optical fibers must reach 100%, basically eliminating the digital divide between urban and rural areas.

The third is the intelligent upgrade of backbone transmission. "This includes submarine optical cables going to sea, and one will be added to the existing six optical cables in Hainan. In addition, the bandwidth of the metropolitan area network in the province will be increased from 15Tbps to 35Tbps during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, fully meeting the requirements of 5G and high-speed private lines in the Internet era. load capacity." Wang Jing said.

Fourth, the international communication capacity has been enhanced. In 2021, Hainan will achieve a "zero" breakthrough in international submarine cables. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Hainan plans to add two more international submarine optical cables to connect to Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, and initially establish an international information and communication open experimental area to fully support the construction and customs clearance operations of the Hainan Free Trade Port. Keywords: engineering construction, engineering news, engineering construction information, new infrastructure

Fifth, the innovative development of data centers. Wang Jing said that Hainan will optimize the layout of the province's data centers, build more than 50,000 racks, make good use of the free trade port policy, explore the establishment of a safe, orderly, free and convenient data flow management system, and carry out cross-border data transactions and the Internet Pilot projects for the safety management of cross-border data transmission, expand the opening of the data field, and promote the innovative development of the digital economy with data as the key element.Editor/XuNing