Boway alloys help the development of engineering equipment

Seetao 2022-04-21 10:11
  • Boway alloys have high mechanical strength and strong resistance to seawater corrosion, helping the development of offshore equipment
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In recent years, energy, as a strategic reserve material, has attracted the attention of various countries. Especially in the current situation of global energy and resource shortages, countries have turned their attention to deep-sea oil production.

Exploiting offshore oil and gas involves complex procedures and changing environments. The development of related core equipment has become a "stimulant", injecting kinetic energy into oil and gas extraction. The innovation ability of marine engineering machinery and equipment also reflects the country's ability to use and develop the ocean to a large extent.

With the expansion of offshore oil and gas exploration from shallow seas to deep seas, large marine engineering ships and underwater equipment such as deep-sea submersibles and underwater drilling equipment have become the focus of attention of various countries. For example, the unmanned remote-controlled underwater vehicle launched by Japan has the ability to dive to the depth of 10,000 meters for operations.

As a research and development enterprise of new alloy materials, Boway Alloy has always paid attention to the development of marine engineering equipment, and is committed to exploring the application of new materials in marine engineering. Among them, the developed BearMet series of high wear-resistant materials are used in important components of deep-sea drilling equipment to meet the application conditions of "high load-bearing, high stability and high strength", and have "wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, ultra-long heavy load". Service life" has obvious advantages, and it has become an ideal choice for many customers in the energy mining industry.

High-strength wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant aluminum bronze alloy

Application: Pump bodies, valves, valve seats, guide rods, valve stems, bolts, nuts and pipes, etc.

Features: A dense alumina protective layer can be formed on the surface of the product, which has good high temperature corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and has good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, fresh water and seawater; it can be welded, not easy to be brazed, and it is not easy to be brazed. Good pressure processing

Seawater corrosion resistant nickel aluminum white copper alloy material

Applications: ROV, AUV and wellhead subsea sealing connectors, cabin connectors, subsea fasteners, pump and valve shafts, valve stems, hydraulic pistons, drill pipes and fixtures

Features: high mechanical strength; good wear resistance; low magnetic permeability; strong resistance to seawater corrosion; resistance to hydrogen embrittlement and stress cracking in seawater; good resistance to stress corrosion cracking under hydrogen sulfide conditions; marine biofouling

In the future, marine engineering equipment will show a trend of complex operating environment and large-scale equipment. Boway Alloys also believes that under the condition of adhering to technology leadership and intelligent manufacturing, the technical level of my country's marine engineering equipment will continue to improve. As materials are the food of industry and the leader of science and technology, Boway Alloy is also willing to serve as a solid backing for offshore equipment and continue to help the development of offshore equipment. Editor / Zhao E