China Railway 20th Bureau won the bid for port distribution project
Seetao 2022-04-22 16:23
  • The completion of the project promotes the connection between ports and is a channel connecting the port and the vast hinterland
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On April 21, 2022, the Hebei Provincial Public Resources Trading Service Platform released the announcement of the winning candidates for the franchise project of the Huanghua Port Collection and Distribution System.

The Huanghua Port Collection and Distribution System Project includes the Huanghua Port Comprehensive Port and the Bulk Cargo Port Area Railway Special Line Project, the Huanghua Port Bulk Cargo Terminal Coal Storage Yard Project and the Huanghua Port Bulk Cargo Logistics Park Mineral Powder Storage Project. Three correlations very tight subproject

Huanghua Port Comprehensive Port Area and Bulk Port Area Railway Special Line Project

The planning and construction of the project mainly includes coal dumping machine room, ore loading and related supporting facilities, etc. The specific construction content of the project is to start from the Yanger Zhuangyuan Station of the Canggang Railway, and extend eastward next to the Handan-Huangzhou Railway, and finally lead to the bulk distribution in the port area. Cargo Logistics Park, with a total line length of 27.38km and 2 new stations.

Huanghua Port Bulk Cargo Terminal Coal Yard Project

The park area of this project is about 640 mu (426,900 square meters). The planning and construction include production area, production and living auxiliary area, greening and transportation organization. The production area is mainly equipped with coal (taking into account the ore storage) storage yard. The stacker and reclaimer foundations are arranged between the storage yards. The transfer station, belt conveyor transportation system and B1-SS1 substation are arranged on the east side of the storage yard; the west side of the storage yard is arranged Arrange the bulk cargo sewage treatment station, pressurized pump station, and washing site to meet the requirements of sewage treatment and vehicle cleaning in the port. The production and living auxiliary area is mainly arranged with production scheduling building, canteen and waiting building, mobile machinery warehouse, maintenance workshop and maintenance length, activity venue, car parking lot, B1-SS2 substation, domestic sewage treatment station, oily sewage treatment station Wait. A green belt along the street and a 9m wide ring road are arranged in the field to ensure the convenience of vehicles and the loading and unloading of goods.

Mineral Powder Storage Project in Huanghua Port Bulk Logistics Park

The park area of this project is about 551 mu (367,500 square meters), and the planning and construction mainly include production area, auxiliary production and living area, greening and transportation organization. Key words: engineering construction information, engineering construction, central enterprise engineering news

Bidding Information

China Railway 20th Bureau Group Co., Ltd. won the pre-bid for this project. www.seetao.com Congratulations to the winning bidder for the order! Editor / Zhao E


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