Tribute to all Chinese female astronauts who are chasing the stars

Seetao 2022-04-24 11:52
  • More and more Chinese women are appearing, and it is expected that more astronauts will travel to the vast space
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April 24, 2022, is the seventh China Space Day. In China's aerospace industry, there has never been a shortage of women. Whether they are astronauts roaming the galaxy, technical elites in scientific and technological research, or the commander-in-chief of heavy weapons in a great country, batches of female astronauts use their wisdom and tenacity to help rockets take off and explore the vast sky, showing the shining style of aerospace women in the new era . Pay tribute to the astronauts who chase the stars and the moon, and wish the Chinese astronauts to move forward bravely towards the vast space! Editor/He Yuting