Noise reduction treatment plan of CCCC Xizhu asphalt mixing plant

Seetao 2022-04-24 18:34
  • This asphalt mixing equipment reduces noise and improves the operator's working environment and physical and mental health
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The new national standard "GB/T17808-2021 Asphalt Mixture Mixing Equipment" puts forward more detailed and clear requirements for environmental noise.

In the production and application of asphalt mixing equipment, "noise" is one of the main pollutions. For operators, noise affects their working environment and physical and mental health. Providing an environment that meets the requirements of the specification is very important to improve the mixing quality.

How to effectively control the "noise" of asphalt mixing equipment?

The green, intelligent and environmentally friendly asphalt mixing plant of CCCC Xizhu Company considered noise reduction measures from the noise source and propagation path at the beginning of the design, and adopted a reliable "noise reduction" plan.

Sound source noise reduction

In order to reduce the noise generation, especially the noise pollution caused by the high-power motor during startup, the motor of the induced draft fan of the bag filter adopts the frequency conversion or soft start control method to reduce the noise generation.

Propagation and noise reduction - the overall encapsulation of the mixing building

The moving parts of the main building include vibrating screen, mixing pot, pump, conveying screw, etc. In order to reduce the overall noise pollution of the main building, the overall encapsulation design of the mixing building is adopted, which improves the dustproof and aesthetic effect of the equipment.

Propagation noise reduction - sound insulation and noise reduction of moving parts

The drying cylinder, elevator, vibrating screen, hot silo, mixing pot and other components are externally encapsulated with thermal insulation mineral wool, which can not only prevent the loss of hot materials, but also reduce the noise transmission when the materials are turned inside the components, screened or transported. ;

For parts such as the feeding port of the belt conveyor, the waste overflow pipeline, etc., noise reduction facilities shall be configured according to the needs of users;

On the basis of frequency conversion control, the high-power induced draft fan is externally equipped with an overall encapsulation noise reduction treatment;

A special muffler is added to the burner fan to reduce noise pollution. Editor/Zhao E