The source of power for Weichai's technological innovation for 20 years

Seetao 2022-04-27 14:51
  • Weichai now has the ability to participate in the global hydraulic transmission system competition
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On the afternoon of April 26, 2022, Weichai once again attracted envious eyes from all walks of life. A science and technology incentive and commendation event was held with passion and excitement. Tan Xuguang threw 64.41 million yuan to reward the heroes of scientific and technological innovation, which made netizens sigh: "This is someone else's company." "Recruitment!"

Behind the envy, everyone wants to know, how has Weichai produced a large number of scientific and technological innovation achievements in just over two years? What is the power source of Weichai's technological innovation?

"The concentrated explosion of scientific and technological achievements in the past two years stems from our persistence in scientific and technological innovation over the past 20 years, thanks to the formation of a set of Weichai methodology for scientific and technological innovation." Tan Xuguang gave such an answer. Talking about the power source of Weichai's technological innovation, we can explore one or two from the "three spirits" summarized by Tan Xuguang: Only those who put their lives aside can do earth-shattering great things! The passionate culture of "not striving to be the first is to be mixed" is the most distinctive feature of Weichai, which has been deeply integrated into the genes and blood of Weichai people, inspiring Weichai people to strive for the first. Only those who get up from sleep can truly become scientists! The efficiency culture of "one day is used for two and a half days" has enabled Weichai to achieve a leap from following and running to leading.

Only those who work hard to climb step by step can reach the pinnacle of science and technology! The execution culture of "responsible for doing what is done" ensures that every strategic goal set by Weichai for more than 20 years can be turned into reality.

Here, there is a passion culture at the spiritual level, and an efficiency culture and execution culture at the executive level. Perhaps, it is precisely under the inspiration and support of these "three spirits" that Weichai's continuous "nuclear" power has been stimulated and the backbone of Weichai's technological innovation has been erected!Editor/XingWentao