Tan Xuguang on the Six Relationships of Scientific and Technological Innovation

Seetao 2022-04-27 14:54
  • Tan Xuguang proposed six major relationships of scientific and technological innovation, which is a white paper on enterprise innovation
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Innovation is the first driving force for development. Many companies understand this truth, but how to innovate? There are not necessarily clear strategic essentials and tactical paths. Either all traditional technologies are abandoned for innovation, or they think that innovation can be produced as long as they are willing to spend money, and some even think that innovation is life and death and exclude all external resources. In fact, these are all misunderstandings. Innovation is by no means self-talk, nor can it be done by itself behind closed doors.

At the Weichai Group's 2021 Science and Technology Incentive Commendation Conference held on April 26, Tan Xuguang put forward the "six major relationships" that should be handled in scientific and technological innovation from a strategic height and with the concept of systematic engineering, which soon became the focus of the entire network. Hot spots, many people in the industry like: This is the "white paper" of enterprise innovation!

It is understood that Tan Xuguang's "six major relationships" refer to the relationship between traditional technology and new technology, the relationship between cutting-edge technology and commercialization, the relationship between technological innovation and engineering management, the relationship between R&D investment and R&D efficiency, and the relationship between technology incubation and capital. The relationship between wealth, technological cycle and "co-opetition".

In the discussion of the "six major relationships", Tan Xuguang has a novel viewpoint and hits the key points directly, and his conclusions are frequently made:

If traditional technology is clinging to the shortcomings, it is self-destruction; subversive technologies should not be fooled by the society. When the brain becomes hot, the blood vessels will be broken, and the laws of science must be respected!

Scientific and technological exploration has boundaries, and we will never do those innovations that "only bloom but do not bear fruit".

The level of systems engineering management largely determines whether science and technology can be realized, whether it can be realized quickly, and whether it can be realized with high quality.

R&D benefit = R&D investment × R&D efficiency. Time is more important than money, efficiency is more important than investment.

"Technology-based, capital-assisted" is the correct development path, and there is no room for technological speculators who seek to get rich overnight!

In the field of science and technology, no country or enterprise can alone meet the challenges of global technological development. The logic of competition and cooperation is constantly evolving, and the global industrial chain coexists on the same technology channel.


The discussion of the "six major relationships" of scientific and technological innovation is in line with Tan Xuguang's consistent style: stand high, take the pulse accurately, and point out the problems that are straight to the point and to the point. At the same time, Tan Xuguang's "six major relationships" of technological innovation also amazed many netizens: the man at the helm explained technological innovation so thoroughly, no wonder there are media reports that Lao Tan is a rare strategic scientist and technology entrepreneur, and it is no wonder that in recent years Come to Weichai, the scientific and technological achievements are gushing continuously! Editor/He Yuting