Weichai's scientific and technological innovation achievements in recent years

Seetao 2022-04-27 18:33
  • Weichai strives to break the ceiling, and the new energy field gathers high-tech resources of the global industrial chain
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"Scientific and technological innovation cannot be done by fooling around", on the afternoon of April 26, 2022, at the Weichai Group's 2021 Science and Technology Incentive Commendation Conference, Tan Xuguang, who has always been bold and daring, made a new conclusion.

Of course, this sentence is not casual, Tan Xuguang is naturally confident. Taking a look at the technological innovation achievements of Weichai Group, it is natural to see that Tan Xuguang is not fooling around.

In the past two years, the thermal efficiency of Weichai diesel engine body has reached the peak of the world twice! On September 16, 2020, Weichai released the world's first diesel engine with a thermal efficiency of 50.23%, just like the 100-meter race entered 10 seconds for the first time in human history. On January 8 this year, the world's first diesel engine with a thermal efficiency of 51.09% was released again, just as humans expect the 100-meter race to create a miracle of entering 9 seconds. These two breakthroughs have caused great shocks in the global industry and have become unquestionable industry benchmarks.

Over the past two years, Weichai has invested 10 billion yuan in research and development to complete the layout of a full range of diesel engines in all fields, becoming the only company with the most complete product spectrum in the field of medium and high-speed engines in the world.

Over the past two years, the expansion of Weichai's multiple powertrains has demonstrated its competitive advantage. In 2005, Weichai innovatively proposed an integrated business model of powertrain for the first time in the world. Weichai expanded from commercial vehicle powertrain to hydraulic powertrain for construction machinery, and then to large-scale CVT powertrain for agricultural equipment, realizing the globalization of multiple powertrains. layout. In particular, the large-tonnage excavator hydraulic powertrain has been successfully used in the industry and commercialized in large quantities, and its performance indicators have surpassed imported competing products. Launched the first CVT intelligent tractor above 240 horsepower in China, breaking the international monopoly and realizing mass application.

In the field of traditional energy and power, Weichai strives to break the ceiling, and in the field of new energy, it brings together high-tech resources of the global industrial chain! Weichai has successively invested strategically in Ballard in Canada, Sirius in the United Kingdom, Odes in Germany, and Speedy in Switzerland, integrating global high-tech resources, and comprehensively completing the layout of the three new energy technology routes of fuel cell, hybrid and pure electric. 20,000 hydrogen fuel cell engine factories were officially put into operation in Weifang; the National Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Center led by the construction of the national fuel cell technology innovation center landed in Shandong; actively participated in the implementation of the National Ministry of Science and Technology and Shandong Province's "Hydrogen into Ten Thousand Homes" technology demonstration project to create a "Qilu" hydrogen energy industry. Template". In the global new energy cooperation, a model of co-construction, sharing and win-win has emerged.

This series of scientific and technological innovation achievements are very hard-core, and Weichai's technological innovation is indeed not fooling! Of course, Weichai's scientific and technological innovation rewards are not fooled. At this commendation conference, Tan Xuguang lavished 64.41 million yuan to reward scientific and technological achievements and scientific and technological personnel, and further stimulate the "nuclear" kinetic energy of scientific and technological innovation.Editor/XingWentao