Sanyi Machinery helps Caiyunzhinan Road has "milling"

Seetao 2022-05-05 22:20
  • Sanyi Machinery set off for Yunnan, and completed the delivery task with the advantages of short time, high efficiency and high quality
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The south of the colorful clouds—Yunnan, embellished by Cangshan and Erhai Lake, is a suffocating border province in southwest my country. The unique location advantage and seasonal environment endow it with beautiful scenery.

In recent years, in accordance with the requirements of building China's most beautiful province and creating "global tourism", Yunnan has coordinated and promoted the construction of beautiful highways, and experienced the beautiful artistic conception of "people sitting in cars, cars walking in pictures". Yunnan Provincial Highway Bureau is bold and innovative, focusing on the application and management innovation of new materials, new equipment, new processes and new technologies in the process of design and construction, and boosts highway construction and maintenance.

Due to Yunnan's unique geographical location, changeable climate, steep topography and complex geological structure, strict requirements have been placed on the equipment for highway construction and maintenance. For a long time, the road maintenance tool milling machine has always been the world of foreign brands in the Yunnan market. . However, this time this myth was shattered by Sanyiji!

At the end of 2021, 58 SCM1000C8H 1-meter milling machines from Sanyi Machinery successfully won the bid for the Yunnan Highway Assets Management Project financed by the World Bank of Yunnan Provincial Highway Bureau. A strong stroke of color! "Contribute a world-class brand to the Chinese nation." This is the dream of Mr. Liang Wengen, the founder of Sany Heavy Industry, and this sentence is also the highest standard in the hearts of every Sany!

From 1997, the first road machinery product of Sanyi Machinery came out. In the past 25 years, Sanyi Machinery has always been serving the country with the industry, aiming at the world-class and domestic leading, and has completed the counterattack and transformation from following to running, and then to leading. At present, the market share of paver machines has exceeded 30%. The market share is the first in the country; the milling machine products have also grown into an important force in the Chinese road milling market by virtue of their strong technological innovation capabilities. Sanyi Machinery firmly believes in the concept of "Quality wins the market", took the initiative and successfully signed a contract. The process from signing the contract to delivering the equipment to customers and using it perfectly is an important review of Sanyi Machinery's overall delivery strength and service capabilities.

Customer first, Jibu Yinuo

From the signing of the contract at the end of 2021 to the completion of the delivery of all 58 sets of equipment by mid-March 2022 (customer acceptance and training, secondary transfer to the district and county highway sub-bureaus), the entire delivery process has a tight schedule and heavy tasks. Compared with domestic manufacturing enterprises, milling machines belong to the category of road machinery with small production and sales volume. When a large order of 58 units is suddenly encountered, it is a huge challenge for any manufacturing enterprise to deliver in a short time.

Especially when the new crown pneumonia epidemic is raging and the entire industry supply chain has been severely impacted, it is necessary to overcome the rapid manufacturing and storage of structural parts, the global procurement of imported components and the rapid adjustment of production lines, and the efficient coordination of manufacturing, R&D, and quality assurance. It is also necessary to overcome the impact of the Spring Festival holiday and the epidemic on the entire production and shipment. However, thanks to the strong resource allocation and coordination capabilities of Sany Group and the efficient operation of the world's leading Industry 4.0 lighthouse factory, Sanyi Machinery takes "creating maximum value for customers" as its mission, and fulfills the task of fulfilling contracts and ensuring supply to a high standard. .

In the eyes of everyone's expectations, 58 milling machines set sail from the Yiyang Industrial Park of Sanyi Machinery, traveled through mountains and waters to the south of Caiyun, and finally delivered to customers as scheduled according to the contract! All great things are not achieved overnight, and not every handover of equipment can be smooth sailing. You may have seen the neon lights at 12 midnight, but you may not have seen the street at 4 am and the Sany service staff waiting at the destination. They paid silently for the machine to be delivered on time and for the machine to reach customers perfectly. on. To complete the delivery task in a short time, with high efficiency and high quality, there is no doubt that Sanyi Machinery has delivered a satisfactory answer.

After the equipment was delivered, Sanyi Machinery organized various training sessions, such as the training lectures of the Dali Highway Bureau, which were well received by the leaders and operators of the Highway Bureau. After a hundred miles, the acceptance and delivery of the equipment is only the beginning of the after-sales work. 58 sets of equipment are distributed throughout Yunnan, and it is obviously a little difficult to rely on the strength of the Sanyi Machinery Yunnan service team. Under the coordination of the company's service department, the backbone service forces were dispatched from other regions of the country to "rescue" Yunnan, and the special service team members "waited for the day", and they went wherever there was a need.

At present, some of the delivered equipment has been used for hundreds of hours. During the running-in period of the operator and the equipment, Sanyi pays great attention to the use of the equipment, and responds to the feedback and suggestions of customers as soon as possible, and the running-in of the products is also improving day by day. . It can be said that behind every piece of equipment there is a story that belongs to this equipment and its service personnel and operators. As an excellent brand of domestic road machinery, Sany SCM1000C8H full hydraulic milling machine has the characteristics of high installed power and strong milling capacity. It is equipped with an automatic leveling system as standard. It combines high performance and cutting-edge technology. . In the construction of National Road 323 in Weiyuan Town, Jinggu County, Pu'er City, and National Road 227 in Yixiang Town, Simao District, the performance is very good. The advantages of low noise, less dust, high speed and high efficiency are very obvious. 3CM asphalt pavement milling in one go , The collection is clean, stable and reliable performance has been praised by customers.

Provincial Highway S212 Shihong Line is a main road in southern Yunnan. Due to heavy traffic flow and long-term disrepair, the pavement is seriously damaged. Sany milling machine can be used for 20 cm water stability, one-shot milling of asphalt layer, or 3 Centimeter high-strength cement pavement milling shows good adaptability to working conditions!

According to the staff, the longest operation time of this batch of Sany milling machines has exceeded 300 hours. During the construction, the advantages of the Sany milling machine's speed, flexibility and strong construction ability have been fully affirmed and praised by the construction unit. At the same time, Sanyi's dedication, professionalism and attention to detail left a deep impression on Yunnan Provincial Highway Bureau. The successful delivery of 58 milling machines this time marks the first batch of SANY milling machines to enter the Yunnan highway maintenance department, and also demonstrates the super competitive strength of SANY milling machines, providing an example for the growth of domestic road machinery brands.

From participating in the overhaul of the Chang'an Street military parade on the 60th anniversary of the National Day in 2009, to participating in the construction of Zhengzhou "Xiaotangshan" hospital and many other key projects in 2020, Sany Milling Machine adheres to the historical mission of "quality changes the world", and is committed to The global road construction and maintenance cause has contributed to a world-class Chinese brand of road machinery. "The national tide is on the road, and domestic products are coming." This time, together with the Yunnan Provincial Highway Bureau, in the south of Caiyun, Sanyi Machinery will help Yunnan highway construction all the way to "milling" "!Editor/Xing Wentao