Liu Zhenglin has been in the railway station for 30 years

Seetao 2022-05-06 15:41
  • Since Liu Zhenglin started working in 1993, he has traveled more than 3,000 times on duty and traveled 1.2 million kilometers safely
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There is a specific melody in everyone's life. For Liu Zhenglin, a national labor model who has been running on the freight line all the year round and the electric locomotive driver of the No. 4 Company of China Railway 20th Bureau, the greetings at dawn and the whispers between the stars are all A silent solo on his haul road.

In his nearly 30-year working career, more than 3,000 on-duty missions and 1.2 million kilometers of safe driving, it is precisely his meticulous sense of responsibility and a sure-fire sense of mission.Editor/Ma Xue