Jiuquan Suzhou District Urban Infrastructure Improvement Project Bidding

Seetao 2022-05-07 14:15
  • The completion of the project will improve the local living environment and improve the efficiency of urban operation
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On May 6, 2022, the National Public Resource Trading Platform issued a pre-qualification announcement for the urban infrastructure improvement PPP project in Suzhou District, Jiuquan City. .

Project Overview

This project implements 4 major types of projects, including urban road infrastructure improvement project, urban greening upgrading and renovation project, Jiuquan historical and cultural city protection and historical and cultural block upgrading and renovation project, and urban function upgrading and improvement project, with a total of 12 sub-projects. Main construction contents: upgrade and reconstruct the existing roads and pavements of the four cities, implement roads, water supply, reclaimed water, sewage, rainwater, lighting, traffic and other auxiliary projects; ) road greening upgrading and reconstruction project, Qilian Road (Jiuquan east entrance and exit) road upgrading and reconstruction project; update and improve the original infrastructure of the Jiuquan scenic spot in the Western Han Dynasty, demolish the old houses in the area and carry out overall planning and construction. Expropriate part of the land and buildings on the ground, build the scenic square, parking lot, expand the lake surface of the scenic spot, and support related facilities: take the Drum Tower as the center, carry out the architectural style reconstruction of the four blocks in the east, west, south and north with Han and Tang styles, and demolish them. With the Drum Tower as the center, it radiates D-level dilapidated houses, houses and illegal buildings that obviously affect the appearance of the city and have hidden fire safety hazards; network, etc., to improve the infrastructure; use the open space in the block to build a child-friendly city to create supporting projects; build an on-street smart parking management platform, parking infrastructure and central computer room, etc. Pile, handheld PDA terminal, toll sign, illegal parking monitoring equipment. Key words: municipal project information, engineering news, Gansu complex

Acquisition and submission of tender documents

Participating bidders shall log in to Jiuquan Public Resource Trading Online to download the bidding documents from the date of announcement to 09:00 on May 6, 2022 (pre-qualification time), and the deadline for submitting documents: May 6, 2022 9:00.  Editor/Zhao E