Long Bin: Looking forward to Chinese roadheaders serving the world

Seetao 2022-05-07 15:00
  • Longbin is the leader of the first large-diameter rock tunnel boring machine independently developed in China
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Long Bin said that before 2008, there was no R&D and design company in the shield machine industry. At that time, I just graduated for four or five years. I wanted to break through various key technologies in this field, and I felt like walking on thin ice. We wanted to make a Chinese-made equipment, and traveled all over the major TBM construction sites under construction in China to understand the operation status of foreign equipment, and discuss design improvements with the construction personnel. Now foreign personnel are more confident in our products, and our products are exported to more than a dozen countries. China's great power is not only big, it can bring a better life experience, improve the speed of project construction, and make the project safer, smarter, more environmentally friendly and greener.Editor/Ma Xue