Two 660 MW cogeneration projects of Fuzhou Thermal Power were approved

Seetao 2022-05-10 14:47
  • After completion, the standard coal consumption for power supply will be 236.82 g/kWh
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Recently, National Energy Group Fujian Company obtained the document "Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission's Approval for the Second Phase of Guoneng Fuzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd. for the Approval of Two 660 MW Ultra-Supercritical Cogeneration Projects", which means that the preliminary work of the project has been obtained. breakthrough progress.

According to reports, the two 660-megawatt cogeneration projects of Fuzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd. are located in Jiangyin Gangcheng Economic Zone, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. The planned total investment is about 5 billion yuan. It mainly builds two 660-megawatt ultra-supercritical cogeneration units, and Simultaneously build ultra-low emission environmental protection facilities such as flue gas desulfurization, denitration, dust removal, etc., and will build a large-scale complex integrating electricity, heat, cold, compressed air, air separation, seawater cooling water, boiler demineralized water, and solid waste mixed combustion and disposal. Energy supply service projects.

At the same time, the project adopts the first batch of 10 MPa ultra-high pressure heating technology units in Fujian Province, and uses energy-saving technologies such as energy cascade utilization. Editor/He Yuting