Zhangzhou Jingyuan Yiyao Yizhi Industrial Park project starts bidding

Seetao 2022-05-11 14:24
  • The Zhangzhou Jingyuan Yiyao Yizhi Industrial Park project has a total investment of about 50.2 billion yuan
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On May 10, 2022, Zhangzhou Engineering Project Trading Center released the public bidding for the integration of equity investment and general contracting of the Zhangzhou Jingyuan Yiyaoyizhi Industrial Park project. The industry is housing construction, and the tenderer Zhangzhou Jiulongjiang Yuanshan Investment Co., Ltd. The total investment of the project is about 50.2 billion yuan.

Jingyuan Yiyao Yizhi Industrial Park in Zhangzhou High-tech Zone is located in Zhangzhou High-tech Zone, including Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Cultural Industrial Park and Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park. It is bounded by Inner Ring North Road in the west and Jingyuan Avenue in the east, with a total planned area of about 10.8 square kilometers. The intelligent manufacturing industrial park is planned to extend from Gu South Road in the north, Gaoxin West Road in the south, Chuang Chuang Road in the east, and Jingyuan Avenue in the west. The planned area is about 10 square kilometers. The Traditional Chinese Medicine Science, Technology and Culture Industrial Park will give full play to the spillover of the Zhangzhou Pien Tze Huang brand, promote the upstream extension of the traditional Chinese medicine industry, control the key nodes of the industrial chain, accelerate the transformation of Pien Tze Huang and others to the chain-based leader, and accelerate the construction of a "1+4" traditional Chinese medicine health industry system It is committed to building an "internationally renowned, domestic first-class" Chinese medicine health industry highland, mainly including Chinese medicine scientific research and testing, Chinese medicine production and manufacturing, Chinese medicine circulation and comprehensive service facilities in the park, etc. It plans to build an enterprise service center and a Chinese medicine public test center. , Traditional Chinese Medicine Manufacturing Park, Traditional Chinese Medicine Warehousing and Logistics Center, etc.; Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park relies on leading enterprises such as Longzhou Group to promote the leap-forward development of intelligent equipment and the scale development of intelligent electronics, and strive to build a country centered on precision manufacturing and intelligent technology application An important bearing area for the intelligent manufacturing industry, focusing on intelligent industrial robots, intelligent emergency equipment, intelligent logistics and packaging equipment, intelligent wearable devices, intelligent home electronic terminals, key basic parts and components and other fields, mainly including intelligent manufacturing manufacturing, Intelligent manufacturing public R&D testing, industrial support, comprehensive services, etc., planning to build intelligent manufacturing production plants, intelligent manufacturing public testing centers, intelligent manufacturing achievement transformation centers, intelligent manufacturing talent apartments, etc. The investment and construction content of this tender includes industrial projects, supporting infrastructure projects, and ecological environment improvement projects invested and held by the tenderee or project company in the park. Key words: engineering construction information, engineering news, engineering construction

Obtaining tender documents

Participating bidders will download electronic bidding documents and other related materials through the Zhangzhou Engineering Project Trading Center website from May 11, 2022 to June 2, 2022. The deadline for submitting documents is 9:30 on June 2, 2022. (Please indicate for reprint) Engineering Column Editor/Zhao E