The first phase project of the Science City Campus has been tendered

Seetao 2022-05-11 16:26
  • The planned total construction period of the project is 1,303 days, and the total project investment is about 5,736,338,000 yuan.
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On May 10, 2022, Chongqing Public Resource Trading Network released the EPC bidding announcement for the general contracting of the first phase of the construction project of the Science City Campus of Chongqing University Affiliated Cancer Hospital. About 5,736,338,000 yuan.

Project Overview

The total construction area of the project is 562,689.01 square meters, including the medical complex building, with a construction area of about 535,102.54 square meters, frame structure + local steel structure, 12/-3 floors, including 231,472.03 square meters underground and 303,630.51 square meters above ground; the infection building has a construction area of about 4,129 square meters, frame Structure, 2/0 floors; Sewage treatment station building area of about 1399.9㎡, frame structure, 1/-1 floor; No. 1 liquid oxygen station building area of about 97.5㎡, frame structure, 1/0 floor; No. 2 liquid oxygen station building The area is about 97.5 square meters, frame structure, 1/0 floor; the ground parking building and underground garage construction area is about 21862.57 square meters, steel structure, 10/-1 floors, the planned total construction period is 1303 days. Key words: engineering construction information, engineering news, engineering construction

Obtaining tender documents

This bidding project adopts the whole process of electronic bidding. Bidders can download bidding documents and other materials on the Chongqing Public Resource Trading Network before bidding. The deadline for submitting documents is June 1, 2022. Editor / Zhao E