Hao Chaoshan: I am willing to give my youth for Kenya to divert water

Seetao 2022-05-11 16:30
  • With the stable performance of XCMG rotary drilling rigs, Hao Chaoshan runs around major projects in Kenya
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In recent years, many African countries have stepped up infrastructure construction, and many young Chinese builders have also participated in these projects.

Hao Chaoshan, an overseas service engineer of XCMG, is operating the XCMG XR400E, the largest rotary drilling rig introduced in East Africa, and is responsible for the piling work of the water diversion and irrigation project in Garissa County, Kenya. This project will divert the river water to the farmland to solve the drought problem.

In order to catch up with the construction period, the project runs 24 hours a day, and Hao Chaoshan needs to drive a rotary drilling rig to complete 600 pile foundation holes, each of which is about 5 meters deep to 12 meters deep. If you are familiar with the rotary excavation operation and construction method, the hole can be formed in 15 to 20 minutes.

When Kenya entered the rainy season, there was a lot of water seepage in the hole, which could easily cause the hole to collapse, requiring workers to pour it in time. Temporary overtime is normal for Hao Chaoshan.

Because the operation method of the rotary drilling rig is more complicated than the general machinery, there are no local people in East Africa who can operate it before, so Hao Chaoshan also needs to teach the local people the operation technology. "The rotary drilling rig has created employment opportunities for me, which is great for me, and I can support my family." Gregory, a local employee, couldn't hide his excitement. "I learned a lot and I can use this skill to get a job. I am very grateful to Master Hao, he is a good person," said Samura, another employee.

Kenya is the thirteenth country Hao Chaoshan went to, where he participated in the construction of the Nairobi Airport Expressway and the Mombasa Sea-Crossing Bridge, all of which have been recognized by the Kenyan government. This year is his third year in Kenya.

Seeing that Chinese equipment helps local construction and promotes local development, and the locals often praise Chinese technology and Chinese influence, Hao Chaoshan is very proud: "In the past, I always said that it is made in China, but now it is designed in China, made in China, and created in China. I also hope that Use your own better service to spread the good technology of Chinese construction machinery and spread the influence of Chinese construction machinery!"Editor/Ma Xue