CGN Jiang Guohui is a great cultivator who loves to invent

Seetao 2022-05-13 16:51
  • Jiang Guohui joined CGN as soon as he graduated, constantly sharpening his technical skills on the job
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The old master commented on him: He has strong theoretical knowledge and strong hands-on ability. He can do most of the things that others can't do; the little brother also gives him a thumbs up when there is a problem at the scene. As long as he comes, the situation will be stabilized instantly; When I talk about myself, I always smile: Don't fix so much, I'm just a worker. He is Jiang Guohui from CGN Nuclear Power Operation Co., Ltd.

In 2009, Jiang Guohui joined CGN as soon as he graduated from university. For 13 years, he has been working in the field of nuclear power instrumentation and control. From the newly hired nuclear power novice to the CGN technical expert, to Shenzhen Futian Yingcai, Shenzhen high-level professional talents, and Guangdong technical experts, Jiang Guohui has cultivated excellent technical skills in the tempering of many positions.

"Actually, compared with many predecessors, I am still far behind in terms of skill level and experience. All I can do is to keep learning, to solidify the theory, and then don't be afraid of trouble on the spot, do more hands-on and study more, I believe this will definitely be able to Go further." Facing the honor, Jiang Guohui remained calm.


In June 2016, an unexpected fluctuation occurred in the main feedwater flow valve during the daily operation of a nuclear power unit. Jiang Guohui, who was the person in charge of the system at that time, retrieved the relevant curves and analyzed the valve calibration data of the last round of overhaul, and finally found that The problem is with the main valve positioner. Jiang Guohui made the judgment that the positioner needs to be replaced immediately. However, the daily unit cannot isolate the main valve, and the positioner cannot be calibrated after changing the positioner. What should I do?

The control principle of the main valve positioner flashed over and over in Jiang Guohui's mind, and suddenly he had an idea. "By the way! This is an intelligent locator, you can try it with a 'heart'!" The "heart" in Jiang Guohui's mouth refers to the circuit board of the locator, which holds all the control parameters of the old locator. As soon as this idea came up, the experienced master Zou Renjie was also taken aback, "I've never done this before!"

It doesn't matter if there is no experience. Jiang Guohui obtained the consent of the power plant and the machinery department through solid theoretical analysis. With their cooperation, the abnormal positioner was replaced, and the circuit board of the positioner was "transplanted". After the treatment, the adjustment of the main valve returns to normal, and the failure that threatens the safety of the unit is eliminated at once. "The future generations are terrifying, Guohui is better than me!" Jiang Guohui "changed his heart" for the main valve online this time, which made his master Zou Renjie amazed.


"A dynamic balance block has been added to the main pump shaft, but the measured value of the shaft displacement is still very large, which is basically ineffective. Come and have a look." The person in charge of the main pump called Jiang Guohui, the person in charge of instrument technology.

He performed an analysis of the spectrum with the main pump professional. However, the results of the analysis are not satisfactory. We can only know that the large measured value is caused by interference, but where does the interference come from?

For the next time, Jiang Guohui has been thinking, the principle of the axis displacement probe is the magnetic field conversion, if there is interference, it must also be the magnetic field. 12? "Isn't this the number of bolts on the backrest wheel of the main pump?" Jiang Guohui had a flash of inspiration from the previous accumulation at this moment.

"Could it be that the 12 bolts were magnetized to generate an interfering magnetic field?" This also explains the phenomenon of the 12-fold high frequency. With an idea in mind, Jiang Guohui immediately organized personnel to demagnetize the bolts. The hard work paid off, and the measured value of the displacement of the main pump shaft dropped significantly after degaussing. With in-depth research and accumulation, Jiang Guohui broke the magnetic field of the main pump bolt in one fell swoop, and then this experience feedback was also extended to other units of CGN.

It is precisely by facing difficulties, in-depth research, and occasionally not taking the usual path. In the past five years, Jiang Guohui has won 1 first prize for national equipment management and technological innovation achievements, 1 group-level science and technology award, and company-level science and technology award. 6 items, 2 invention patents, 4 utility model invention patents, and led the team to successfully create the Shenzhen Youth Civilization Number and the Central Enterprise Youth Civilization Number. But when it comes to these honors, he always says that he is just one of the many laborers, an ordinary overhauler. Jiang Guohui said that in his future work, he will continue to practice a rigorous and meticulous work style, take root in the front line of overhaul, lead team building to seek progress while maintaining stability, and make greater contributions to safeguarding nuclear safety! Editor/He Yuting