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Seetao 2022-05-13 17:43
  • Lu Weijun, from cook to soldier to employee, he is down-to-earth in any position
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"Your safety helmet is not properly strapped, and your reflective vest is not properly worn. You cannot enter the construction site, and rectify it immediately..." At the entrance and exit of the construction area, Lu Weijun, the safety director of the Nanning Project Department of Nanning Branch, said with a stern face. The construction personnel of the collaborative team who are about to enter the construction site shall correct the violations of the violations. "Director Lu has always been very reliable." An on-site manager joked.

Speaking of safety director Lu Weijun, the project department personnel all praised his serious and responsible work. From cooks to soldiers, from soldiers to employees, he was down-to-earth in every job position and constantly drew strength. He is meticulous about his work, kind and friendly to his colleagues, and he takes care of accidents and investigates them to the end. As the safety director of the Nanshu Project Department, he is well aware of the great responsibility and has always used his actions to interpret the responsibilities and responsibilities of the safety and environmental management personnel. This is his motto and his original intention as a security person.

Check construction site safety

Safety matters must be done in detail. From the twilight of the morning to the low night, Lu Weijun's every moment of busyness has turned into a safety guarantee in the construction of the site. For the hidden safety hazards in the project, he will fight for the safety risks, and he will make changes to eliminate all hidden dangers of accidents. He is always there every day. The goals he strives for range from the safety planning and management of the entire project to the reflective vest of one person. He uses his actions to show that safety cannot be sloppy.

In view of the complex construction environment of the Nanshu Project Department, in order to remind safety precautions in time and implement humanized management of safety, Lu Weijun has produced various warning signs. Fall prevention", "must wear a helmet when entering the construction area", "safety comes from long-term vigilance, accident comes from instant paralysis", etc., can be clearly seen at the construction site. There are detailed safety explanations for the car driver's departure and the parking of the tanker construction site, which ensures the safety atmosphere of the construction environment.

Explain safety measures

Fulfill the outline, quality-oriented, safety-based, and benefit-oriented. Lu Weijun knows very well that in order to do safety work well, we must establish rules and regulations from the system, and rely on the system to manage safety. To this end, he pushed forward advanced safety standardization management in the project department, highlighted the establishment of systems, strict measures, strong capabilities, and implementation, established 2 safety organizations, and established "three-level" safety management of the project department, construction team, and construction operation team. A total of more than 40 safety management systems have been introduced, and a series of measures such as "work ticket, instruction book, safety disclosure, and station-shift meeting" safety management "four-step method" have been implemented to ensure the safe operation of the construction front line.

Emphasize safety for team members

"Although working on the front line of the project is tiring, I feel very fulfilled. With my dear brother 'Lao Lu', everything is not a problem." Wang Jiangang, the project safety officer, said that when the project first entered the site, there was a shortage of manpower, and the preliminary work was busy. "Lao Lu" is not only busy with work every day, he is also busy cooking for everyone in front of the stove in the rented house when it is time to eat. He also acts as a driver when he needs to go into and out of the mountains. The almighty "Lao Lu" is really cute There are many other reasons for reliability.

Hold a safety meeting for the collaborative team

Worker protection is not in place, criticize and educate! Safety hazards are not rectified, warning and punishment! You are humane to problems, but problems are merciless to you. "Lao Lu"'s extremely tough attitude when it comes to safety issues is in sharp contrast with his usual gentleness. Behind the repeated warnings is his responsibility for safety management. with responsibility.

"Security is not a bargain. This is not to warn you, it is to force you to protect yourself." At the weekly security meeting, Lu Weijun will justly give everyone "strengthen and tighten the strings". In the Nanshu project, Lu Weijun actively discussed the way of safety management with you in various ways, and timely feedback and solve any safety problems found.

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In the work of safety production, he is the "guardian" of the site; in the work of epidemic prevention and control, he is the "safety" sentinel, building a strong line of defense for the employees of the project department. In the future, on the road of safe work, Lu Weijun will also continue to struggle, not forgetting his original intention, moving forward with determination, and interpreting his mission with a sense of responsibility. Editor/He Yuting